Re-order script: Reading before meaning?

I’ve been using alucardeck’s re-order script for a while now and it’s been really helpful in making my WaniKani experience more effective. I like answering the reading and meaning of an item together because when I do them separately I feel like I don’t associate the reading with the meaning enough, which increases my dependency on Kanji.
While I was doing reviews today I suddenly realized that it might be even better to have to answer the reading before the meaning in the single reviews, so that the association between pronunciation and meaning becomes more natural (and again, less kanji-dependent). I took a look at a few of the other ordering scripts but none of them seems to have this option. Does anyone have any idea if this would be something easy to change in alucardeck’s script? I know very close to nothing about coding so I did not want to mess with it by myself and then break it…

-::[Deleted all the nonsense that I wrote about this because tomboy posted a nice simple solution. Sorry for the confusing post]::-

Actually it’s pretty easy to modify the script to get what you want… :slight_smile:

Open up the script from you tampermonkey (or equivalent) dashboard, and find this function:

function reorderSingle(){    //Reordering method following the 1 activeQueue list, that makes both reading/meaning coming in pairs.    //method = “SINGLE”;    //reorder();    try{        unsafeWindow.Math.random = function() { return 0;  }    }catch(e){        Math.random = function() { return 0;  }    }

Change the two return 0;-s parts to return 0.6; , save the script and you’re done!

tomboy said... Actually it's pretty easy to modify the script to get what you want... :)

Oh, nice... Ha ha. That is proper simple solution :)

Thanks for sharing that , tomboy... I am gonna delete all my nonsense from the previous post because this is great and my guff will just muddy the water for people

Thanks, tomboy! That totally worked (it seems).

ElliottTamer said... Thanks, tomboy! That totally worked (it seems).
 Thanks for bringing it up, I was missing this too, but I would never have investigated it just for myself... :D

Actually… Turns out that the solution is not 100%. Seems that it sends some items that should come first (such as radicals and kanjis) to the middle or end. Not all of them, just some. Reckon I’ll just have to keep changing it depending on what kind of review I’m doing…

The beta version of my script has this feature.

hey everyone, 
so i’m looking for a script that will reorder the reviews to ask for reading and meaning right after each other, but without sorting the reviews by type. So basically what the @elliottamer described, but without having to do all the radicals, then all the Kanji, then all the vocab. i actually enjoy having them mixed up! 
Any suggestions on how i can get that?

xMunch said... The beta version of my script has this feature.
 +1 for xMunch's script.

sorry EriolAB this is an old post!, but did you get this script? I’m looking for the same script (reading and meaning together with reading first and continue mixing the order of radicals , kanji and vocab). Hope you found it!!!