Is There A Script Like This?

Hello, I was wondering if there’s a script that stops content from the next level from appearing in my lessons “box” when I haven’t finished the previous level.

For example: I’m on lvl 2 and have completed enough Kanji to advance to lvl3; however I have not finished all the vocabulary for lvl 2. Is there a way for lvl 3 radicals/kanji to not appear in my lessons until I’ve completed all of lvl 2’s vocab?

The reasoning is that it’s daunting when I feel like I’m making progress and see the lessons number go down, only for it to shoot way up to like 120 because I leveled up.

Thanks in advance!


There is a Wanikani setting that does exactly this. This is the default behavior. Wanikani will not propose a lesson for a level 3 item until you have done all level 2 lessons.

If you feel the number of lessons daunting just don’t do all of the in one go. It is common for people to limit themselves to 10 or 20 lessons in a day.

I think you misunderstood me. Yes I know that lvl 3 won’t show up until I’ve completed lvl 2 as a lesson in order. But it WILL add it to my total number of lessons.

For example say I have 30 lessons available at lvl 2, and I complete a review which unlocks lvl 3, upon exiting the review my available lessons skyrockets up to 90 because I’ve unlocked 60 lessons in lvl 3. What I want is for my number of lessons to stay at 30 even though I unlocked lvl 3. Then when I complete all 30 of the remain lvl 2 lessons the 60 lessons from lvl 3 will become available.

It’s really just a visual change, but it’d would help me dramatically to feel like I’m really accomplishing something. Honestly I wish I wouldn’t level up until I’ve completed everything from the previous level. Like I get that I’ve finished all the radicals and kanji for the previous level but there’s still hella vocab to be learned.

So that’s the real desire, not leveling up until everything is done from the previous level.

I am afraid there is no script that will do what you want. Wanikani will unlock all lessons available to level 3 as soon as you level up. There is no way to control that behavior with a script.

Maybe try the reorder script (the Wanikani Lesson Filter one) to I guess reorder and only do the ones you want to do. As the other guy said, I guess there’s not anything else but that.

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A script could grab the number of lessons by level and change the lesson count in the UI to show only the total for the lowest level though. I don’t think a script like that already exists, but it would probably be easy to make. Might be a little harder if OP wants it to change the lesson quiz itself though.


Is it important for you to know how many lessons you still need to do? Because if it’s not, and seeing the numbers jump up is demotivating for you, one thing you can possibly do if you don’t want to wait for someone to possible code this, is hide the numbers using an add-on (might be native support for this function, but I’m not aware). So you would just do your x number of lessons each day, but not seeing the number :

How to do it using ublock origins

Before :

With lesson numbers present, right-click on the number and choose block element :

Then choose the element containing the number :

Result :


You can do the same on the lesson page :

Before :

After :


There are a couple of existing options - but I don’t think any existing script does exactly what you’re looking for.

There’s the 42+ script, that simply displays all numbers bigger than 42 as 42+. Downside is that upon level up the actual number is 120, and doing lessons won’t make the 42+ go down for a while.

There is the lesson limiter script. You configure how many lessons at the most you want to do in a day, and it won’t show you more lessons than that (and also won’t allow you to start any extras via the button). Upside is that you can see the number go down to zero everyday if you want, but it’s not specifically lessons by level and kind of forces you into a X lessons per day study routine (which is what a lot of people do, but some don’t want to).

Then of course there are the mental shift options - changing the way you look at the lesson number. It’s just an indication of how many items are available for study - out of the whole set that are unstudied.

If you use the locked items script, you can see the total number of unlearned items. It’ll be big. But it goes down without fail (unless new items are rolled out). For a lot of people the number is initially so big that it either doesn’t mean much or looks way too daunting.

You could join the 0/0 challenge to achieve at least a 0 lessons 0 reviews situation each level. It helps people to ignore the regular upticks in available lessons.

I personally never had a 0 lessons available between levels 4 and 60 - but that’s because I considered 0 lessons to be a sign of ‘being stuck’. Unable to progress. I actively tried to avoid it by reordering.

Of course now that people know there is a request for such a script, someone might build it for you. The uptick of available lessons has been described as issue before, so I’m sure there are more people interested in such a script. It sounds like you’d want a lessons button that doesn’t just show the available lessons, but prominently displays the level of those lessons. You’d see the number of available lessons going down, and once it reaches zero, the level on the button would go up and display the next level’s lesson number.


I made a simple script that updates the lesson counts and your level in the menu. I was going to update the progress section as well, but that would be a bit more effort so I didn’t end up doing it. If anyone wants to add this feature themselves just submit a PR on GitHub or send me an updated script here.

This script will show you only the lessons from the lowest level you still have lessons on. It will also say you are that level. What it doesn’t do is change your actual lesson queue, BUT you can do this using Reorder Omega and the filter “Lowest Level Lessons” that this script provides


The default WaniKani order is already to do lowest level lessons first. Is this much different from that?

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This filter discards all items but the lessons from the lowest level that you still have lessons from.

So it’s the same order, but your lesson count changes, and if you only have one left from a previous level you will only get that one before “leveling up” and getting the other ones


Not exactly the same, but I am quite content with the following script:

You still see that big total number of lessons on the button, but your mind might be at ease if you hoover over it and see that most is from the latest level and not from old levels.


Boom! This is exactly what I was looking for!!! Thank you so much! You’re the best!