Is there a resource like anki deck for vocabulary or Kanji seperated by levels?

I’ve found an anki deck that has Kanji and vocabulary for review but unfortunately it seems to have only ALL of the Kanji and vocabulary for review.

I was wondering if there’s any deck or resource that has them seperated by level. Since I’m only level 9 I’d like to be able to review Kanji and vocab I’ve learned up to my current level.

Doing so kind of defeats the purpose of WK’s SRS.

That being said, if you really want to anki your WK stuff outside of WK (I do), you can use wanikanitoanki and export your own deck with your API.

You could even type every level number in the boxes where you choose what to export, and then sort them by level in anki and suspend the higher levels for now.

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Between and [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz I don’t really know why you’d need that :o

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I do this because most of my studying is crammed into ridiculously tiny fragments of downtime while working two jobs and it’s a lot easier for me to cram a new kanji into my brain with an anki card I can look at passively while taking 15 seconds to walk from a to b. Not ideal, but I’m making significantly faster progress than when I was trying to sit down at a keyboard 1-2 times a day to WK properly.

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I admire you hard working people, I’ll probably be forever lazy

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