Extracting current WK status to anki

After 15 levels of WK I’ve came to conclusion that selection of words that beginners go through each level is so ridiculous and I’ve never seen worse designed app to learn.
Does someone know if there’s an option to extract current account status (learn items/reviews) to anki or something? I would like to continue learning there.

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Nope. Since then anyone can buy one months sub, take some time to extract everything to Anki, and then won’t bother paying WK for the large amount of work and man-hours they put in.

If you dislike WK, why not go for one of the many other Anki decks, then? :slight_smile: Just go through a 10K. WK uses vocab to reinforce the kanji that you learn, they never claimed to be a vocab site. It’s a kanji site.


Even if it’s true, I don’t think there is a single vocab taught in the first 15 levels that is not marked “common” on jisho, so it’s a bit puzzling why people would think that the word selection is that ridiculous. :thinking:


Here is a list of all Anki Kanji decks with rating:

Just pick one that fits your goal and then use the “suspend card” feature for all kanji that you encounter that you already know.

For what it’s worth: I previously did the all in one Kanji deck in Anki and I got through the first 1000 Kanji, after which I realized that I still wasn’t able to really read anything and I was constantly mixing up the readings and it all seems like such a waste of time in hindsight. However being level 20 in Wanikani has allowed me to read so much Japanese text that I see here on a day to day basis, I can only recommend anyone to stick with it. I actually found out about about wanikani by an expat I met at a festival who gave me a glowing recommendation and by now I have to agree.


If the selection of words is so bad, why do you want to extract them into Anki ?
Might as well go with a “good” anki deck from the start and stop the bad bad wanikani


Now now, don’t make people yell about 里心 again…


There’s already a lot of shared Anki decks with vocab, some of them are very fancy. If you think it’s better than WK, nothing’s stopping you from using them. I was doing the iKnow program, that has six thousand words, with context sentences and full professional audio, that’s also an option.

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Someone did it:

…not exactly a one click export, but might be worth a try. I’d be interested to know how you get on!


Funny, that’s how I’d describe Anki.


:fist: bruh


Just to be clear, by the way, the purpose of WaniKani is to teach the kanji only. The vocabulary is taught purely as an aid to remembering the kanji readings.


or 役場, lol

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I know right? Why doesn’t WK teach me more useful words, like 中出し or 割れ目?!

(ok I’ll stop)

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maybe because that’s going in the realm of survival japanese, and people could mix it up with a program for tourists :smiley:

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This kind of reminds me of the guy who didn’t like that wanikani taught the word 入れる because he never puts things in other things.

Which @Dwarsen made me recall because it took all my will power not to make a “that’s what she said” joke.


Lol. Go please check these “Only common words in 15 levels” before you say something stupid like you did. I stopped thinking word selection is ridiculous now I think your comment is. :thinking:

Ok didn’t know that to be honest. Thanks

Very helpful answer you can be proud of yourself.

I explained it in my post but good to know that you cannot even read lol.

Or you can’t write because I don’t get it either. Maybe try being a bit less condescending.