Is there a planner to estimate dates of completion using lesson numbers?

I’m looking to get a sense of when I can expect to reach certain levels based on the number of new items per day. I know the success of the reviews is an X-factor, but I was wondering if there was something that could give me an estimate.

I’m currently doing 10 lessons a day, and I only really have time to learn and review once a day. It has taken me just about 16 days to get through each of the last two levels, and I’d like to speed that up a bit, but I want to try to find that sweet spot.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

1 Like used to have a personalised projection page, but now it is under construction, if that is what you mean. I’m not sure whether it is coming back or not. @rfindley runs the page, if I remember correctly.

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Someone just made a thing that does just this. See Wanikani Level Projection. It’s inspired by rfindley’s projection chart that IntrepidFox mentioned above, but think rfindley’s been too busy to finish it :thinking:


I second @Kraits’ Level Projection recommendation for getting your projection

The other thing to keep in mind is that levelling up depends entirely on getting to Guru for the level’s kanji. So if you wanna level up faster, you might want to prioritize doing the radical+kanji lessons first and then start the vocab as you’re reviewing them. In case you’re not using it already, there’s a super-useful script that lets you do just that: [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter


As far as I know there still no planner to count date estimate using lesson number :thinking: What I always do is count the number of lesson of each level wkstat wanikani items. In fact, number of lesson per level between level 1-14 is pretty huge (at some level it’s almost 200) because of its number of radical. Level 14 and beyond will be more steady lesson number (around 150).


Thanks, everyone. I’m going to try these things out.


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