Wanikani progress - funny

Below is my current progress

taken from:

As I was taking a break for more than a year, it took me 2 years to complete level 4 (i have reached level 30 or something previously, but I asked to be reset to 0), so the average level duration is currently at 160 days. Haha.
I don’t mind, as I know my own progress and I know my own limit. Even during new lessons, I would accept learning vocab first rather than new radicals or kanjis (which will quicken my level, but may not accelerate my learning process)



You can click on your Level 4 on the Level Duration graph to exclude it from calculations.


Thanks. It’s ok, It’s just a tool to help us planning our progress and target. I would still follow my own schedule no matter what is shown in the table or graph.

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The table’s intent is not to show you when you’re required to finish a chapter, but rather how long you can expect it to take you given your current progress.

yes, i understand what the table is for

Yeah, I think he knows. That’s probably why he made it :smile:


Or hes using it to collect all of our api keys and planning on doing something to fuck us all over.


API key is used to get all your info, but they cannot be used to modify or make changes to the info



@Leebo used a smiley!!! :scream:


Still, I did something similar - took a thousand-day break in the middle of level 3, so with that level included in the calculations, my forecast completion date is 2076.

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There are people on the internet who’ll get too excited by that.

Mine is similar. I just took a 436 day break between levels, while living in Japan. Thank goodness for vacation mode.


Me, I’m gonna finish in… [looks at watch] approximately ninety years.

(Yeah, I spent a long time on level three because I didn’t/couldn’t get the last lifetime sale. I excluded every other level in the stats just to see how long it would take me, and, well, here we go.)

This reminds me of a question i’ve wanted to know for a while now: If I was level 5 (or something), reset to 0, and looked at idigtech, what would the level graph show? Would it show up to level 5? Or would it only show up to the level you’re currently on?

For now, it would assign all of you spent days to level 1. It can’t handle resets for now. But new API allows getting information about resets, Hopefully newer version can handle this issue.

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