How to tell the pace?

I’ve recently restarted WK from level 0, and have found that 20 new items a day is a pace that I can maintain. My system right now is to finish vocab from previous levels before starting the next level’s radicals and kanji.

Is there a script or another way to see how long it will take to hit level 60 at my current pace? I may need to speed up or slow down depending on how life changes in the upcoming years.


idk if you use WKstats? ( but it has a projections page that might help with that?
[Userscript] WKStats Projections Page - WaniKani / API And Third-Party Apps - WaniKani Community


WaniKani currently has 9154 items, so from a purely mathematical standpoint, if you can manage 20 lessons each and every day (assuming you don’t get held up by having to wait for a level up before you get any new lessons), you’ll have studied every item at least once in four hunhdred and fifty-eight days.


Thank you! Both replies were what I was looking for.


I take 10-15 items a day, except I take current level radicals first, all of them, when they unlock with re-ordering.

With this, I finish previous level vocab around the time current level radicals guru and can keep up with about 9 days per level pace comfortably with all lessons nicely spreading out over the week.


Remember that 20 items a day at the beginning is nothing compared to doing 20 items a day later on.


(Only teasing :wink: )


If you can do it, props! But all these prediction models assume you can maintain the same accuracy and momentum. And a lot can happen in a year that can throw it off. Do what you can and enjoy the process. Good luck!

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Just so nobody’s genuinely confused, that’s why they linked my userscript which adds projections to that page


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