Is the Review Forecast supposed to be accurate?

I ask this because it seems the my reviews become available long before the forecast says they will be. I don’t understand the point of the forecast if it’s not giving me the correct time that the reviews become available…?


Mine are accurate. I wonder if computer magic is afoot


Other than some kind of bug you’re experiencing, the one thing I can think of is that review forecasts are based on you not doing any other reviews or lessons in the intervening time. For instance, if you have some apprentice reviews now, and nothing else for the rest of the day, and then you do the reviews, the items will move to the next stages, which may be later in the same day. The system couldn’t have predicted when you’d do the reviews or how well you’d do, so it couldn’t forecast more items for later in the day until you did the other reviews.


Some people have also claimed that their forecast is using the wrong time zone image


Which browser are you using? It may be interfering with the forecast showing local time instead of Portland Oregon time.


Well, yeah, that would shift things a bit.


Well, in my case the forecast is in UTC. So, it is a valid timezone just not the one I live in.

Personally I don’t mind though, since I do WK related stuff on a schedule. But if people wish to do reviews as soon as they come in this may be little bit confusing, I guess.

How do you see what time zone your forecast is in?

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I don’t know if you can see it somewhere.

When I started with WK I run into a similar situation as OP. So, after taking a lesson I calculated the difference between the time in the forecast and my actual time. Since I knew the first review for the new items should be two hours after taking the lesson. Then I checked online what timezone that would be. (Does my explanation make any sense? :sweat_smile: )

In my case they’re accurate literally down to a minute on my main PC and phone, but both use a network time daemon to sync the clock. Maybe the WK server does as well?

Sounds like a timezone issue as others have said.

If it is a time zone issue, how do you fix it?

When navigating the WK forums, top right corner (your avatar). Then, Preferences → Profile → Timezone. Check whether you can enforce it there.


Forum settings have no effect on WK


A bit late, but I pretty much have the same Issue. The timezone is accurate in my case.
So If Wanikani tells me that there are 4 new reviews at 23:00 then I have those 4 reviews at 23:00.
However when it comes about forecasting the next day things get funky.
Wanikani usually predicts way less reviews than I’ll have that day. (e.g. 32 instead of 96)

This is annoying as I do reviews about 3 times a day (after waking up, during lunchbreak and after work) and would like to plan when to wake up accordingly so I can finish those morning reviews before signing in for work.

The forecast won’t predict reviews that are generated by other reviews (lessons / app I reviews), so doing reviews can still increase the nr of reviews for the same day - but I wouldn’t expect that’s the problem for such a big gap. Can you screenshot an example?

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Yeah I’ll screenshot the evening forecast and the amount of morning reviews the next couple of days and see if I get such a big difference again. I reckon the forecast update is a few hours delayed, so if I do a review before going to bed and having a bad day where I do mistakes on lots of apprentice grade vocab those might be scheduled for the next day but not forecasted.

The review forecast isn’t a prediction, it’s just telling you how many items will be added to your queue at a given time. I think you might want [Userscript] Expected Daily Reviews.

Here’s a screenshot of mine:


For me the problem seems to be wrong timezone. It’s always 3 hours behind and on a different browser it seems to work.

Would be nice if you could change timezone in your profile settings. I’m not going to change my browser or disable it’s security features just to have automatic timezone detection work.

Also toggling between 12 and 24 hour clocks would be great.

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You can set your timezone in your preferences.

I think my Problem was that it does not instantly updates the forecast after doing reviews/lessons, which is a bit of a shame, but gonna do them all anyway.

There is no timezone setting. The browser tries to autodetect it, but some browsers block it for security reasons.