Timezone adjustment

Hi all, I’ve been using this website/app for about 2 months now. I’ve travelled substantially during that time. Now I am home (in Southeast Asia), but the “review time” still uses GMT for some reason. I’ve tried restarting the browser, clearing my cache, logging out and back in again, but nothing seems to work. Would anyone have any advice on how to address this?

The review time’s don’t use any timezone, they are based off of when you did the lessons. In practice, 4 hours after the lesson, you get your first review of that item, then 8 hours after the second review, and then the reviews for it should be at that time every single day for that specific item (it does slowly drift backwards, but let’s not delve into that).

If you really want to quickly offset your reviews by a bit, so they line up with your daily schedule, enable vacation mode for a couple hours and then turn it off. While vacation mode is on, the review times shouldn’t advance, meaning if you want to have the reviews about 4 hours later in the day than what they are at, just set yourself into vacation mode for 4 hours. (To move back 4 hours, set yourself to vacation mode for 20).


@JulienSorel1789 I presume you are talking about the review forecast. I had a quick look and can see that the browser you are using doesn’t report the timezone correctly. It is currently sending undefined instead of your actual timezone to the server. When the browser sends an unknown timezone we default to showing the review forecast in the UTC timezone. I believe this issue is related to chrome and some specific versions of Mac OS although I am not sure which combinations. You can see the chrome bug report here: 1487920 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail. It contains some workarounds that might help you while the issue is being resolved.

Just to correct what @Gorbit99 said. We do use timezones to render the correct times in the review forecasts. We send the timezone to the server so that the correct review forecast can be generated. Just to prempt any follow up questions, we send the timezone instead of your current offset because two locations can share the same offset but only one of these timezones may move with daylight savings. Timezones handling is complex…

Could you use a different browser until the problem is resolved in Chrome? I am continuing to monitor this issue as I have seen that this does affect a small number of users.


@tofugu-scott Thank you for the elaborate reply. Much appreciated. Yes, indeed I am talking about the review forecast. Strangely enough it works on my other laptop (where I also use Chrome), but not on my Mac. All noted. I will try a different browser.