Reset advice?

So I’m about to reset after being away for a long time. I think I want to reset back to level 1 and just go slow and steady, but I’m not really sure. The pace I’ve been going up until now is way too fast and overwhelming for me to handle, so I was wondering if any fellow resetters have any advice on how to not get overwhelemed. Also, maybe I should only reset to level 3 or something like that, since I know the first levels fairly well? I have been away for a long time though, so SRS is completely off.

I’ve been doing anki all this time, but dropped WaniKani as it became way too much for me. I think I can manage an hour a day or so, but not much more than that. Please share your resetting experience!

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I think the best advice I have seen (obviously imo) on resetting is to get the reorder script and sort all your reviews by level. Start doing them and note where you’re starting to forget things/get a lot wrong. Only reset back that far, don’t waste time going all the way back to 1 if you don’t need it. But this way you’re not guessing on where you’re getting stuck, either.


I’m on team taking it slow.

I don’t let my apprentice+guru stack get larger than 500 (ok, it’s about 600 right now, but I’m trying). I also try not to let my weekly review amount to get over 500. This can be managed by the wanikani ultimate timeline. You may need to adjust these numbers up or down to suite you, but I feel that they work for me.

It’s hard to say what you should reset to. I once reset back just a few levels and that was enough to keep me productive. You can reset yourself, so what about resetting a few levels and then adjusting it further if needed?

If you’re not using them, use keyboard shortcuts to do reviews faster (‘f’ to pull down the information, etc.).

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Oh this is a great idea! I’ll try that. Thanks!

This is also very true… My biggest problem I think has been taking on too many new lessons every day. I’ll try to find a nice limit for apprentice and guru items. Thanks!

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I reset from level 19 to level 5 last week. From about level 12 onward I really felt that what I was learning wasn’t sinking in. I’d see characters I’d know reading but not remember the reading. Even if the reading was wrong in context of a word I didn’t know, at least it would have been an educated guess instead of just recognizing the character.

If you go back to 1 and it’s really easy, then it’s only 3 or 4 weeks you’re being set back. I wish I’d only gone back to 8 or 9, since it was only some vocab in those first levels that tripped me up. But it’s still nice to have the extra enforcement on everything else, even if I get busy and it takes longer. It’s hard being in this community and seeing people advance quickly and wonder why you take so long, but in the end, you really just need to pay attention to how you feel about what you know.

I’m gonna go ahead and reset back to somewhere around level 3+ and maybe I can get into a nice routine without too much effort. I’m not really in a rush anyway, I will be hopefully be studying for years. Thank you for the advice!

Ultimately, SRS doesn’t mind if you go away for a long time and come back.

I use the reorder script just to be able to break the task down into chunks. E.g. at the moment, I am doing anything below level 30 as normal and ignoring the higher levels until I chip off another level.

It’s not ideal, because you can cheat and use the level as extra information when doing reviews. But it beats going backwards IMHO.



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