Should I reset? (Lvl 7)


This is my first time posting on the community so please bare with me!
There may be a few mistakes.

I joined WaniKani about a year ago and purchased a lifetime membership in Dec 2020 obviously with the intention of finishing, however life got in the way and I ended up putting myself on vacation mode around about February 2021. About a month ago I decided to give it another go and took myself off vacation mode, however I realized that although I retained a lot of knowledge, there was a bunch I forgot.

I didn’t want to put pressure on myself so I only did about 20-50 reviews a day in my spare time and no new lessons in an effort to relieve the reviews, but it just keeps getting bigger and the more I forgot, the more they moved down the ladder increasing my reviews.

I had a rough week this past week and wasn’t able to do any reviews.
I’m now sitting at 590 reviews.

I recently decided to enroll in a Japanese course in my area which will be starting me at the basics again and I was talking to some people who finished the course and they mentioned how helpful WaniKani had been when they started the course. (They had started both together at the same time)

I was considering if I should reset my Wanikani profile to level 1 (I’m level 7 right now so it doesn’t feel that bad)

Anyway, I was looking for some advice on this and what others think of resetting when you took a long vacation and struggled to retain what you previously learnt. Also this might be better as it will correspond with the course I’m taking if I reset.
Also not that tech savvy and don’t do any scripts

Thanks for reading!
Sorry for any mistakes again!

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What about resetting to maybe 3 or 4 and seeing how much that takes off? If you still remember things pretty well, it seems the biggest thing you might need right now is a decrease in workload. Erasing practically all your progress seems a bit overkill to me personally.

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As for what you’ve forgotten, I’m pretty sure you haven’t burned anything yet, so when they come back you’ll get it wrong and get to read the mnemonics and refresh your memory, I wouldn’t worry about them.

590 reviews is doable. You like doing around 50 a day, so just do 50 everyday, and in 11-12 days you will be at 0. Just don’t do any lessons, focus on doing your reviews daily so the things you’ve learned can properly arrange themselves, like stuff dropping back to guru or apprentice, and keep doing this until you are not getting a lot of reviews everyday, and you are ready to start learning new things again.

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Just trust the SRS and do your reviews. No need to reset.

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