Is it possible to skip a word, character or radical?

I’m honestly quite sick of counting numbers. I’d be happy if I could make the trade off to get more exposure to actual words than the various ways to count different things.

For example I just got a lesson with 一台、二台、五台 and 十台. How do I disable these, if you know the numbers and the word machine, you can just read these, no need to memorize them.

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You can’t disable words.

The first few levels are a little counter heavy to get you to practice numbers and also to expose you to some common yet irregular ones (the whole 一つ 二つ 三つ series).

You’ll level out of it quickly, there aren’t as many counters in higher levels and when there are they don’t teach them alongside so many nhmbers.


Just ignore them. Pretend you didn’t do them and do more lessons. When they come in reviews answer them quickly. Won’t hurt
Besides, 台 might be the same but 分 can be ぶん or ふん, so this kind of lessons is pretty good


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No that’s true, you can’t, but if you really hate doing them that much, you can add the same synonym for all of them, like “pass”, and then just type that when you don’t want to actually think about and answer the question.

Not that I’m suggesting that. It seems easier to me to just take two seconds to answer the question. Like previous posters have said, the counters repetition starts going away after a while, and they only really show you a couple of examples and the weird ones. Just hang in there, it gets better.


yeah, it’s just it really does feel like I’m wasting time, time I could spend working on more verbs for example.

i think the actual time saved would barely be enough to find and open a textbook, though. i get the annoyance factor at first but they disappear fairly quickly into the void of longer and longer SRS intervals.


I get that they’re not the most interesting words, but… if you know them already, they will only take seconds each in the reviews, and if you don’t, it would be in your interest to learn them. As others have said, the “number words” mostly appear early in WK, so my advice is to just power through them to get to the more interesting words.

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The problem is that, yes, with the machine counter there are no irregularities (as far as I know), but the rest of the counters have them, and the most frequent irregular numbers are 1, 2, 5 and 10.

So, I think it’s a very good idea that they make us learn that machine has got “normal” counters, unlike days, things, books…

Since I have been struggling with counters for a long time, I like this system. So far, I’ve managed to memorize some tricky ones.

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