Skipping radical?

Since Chinese was my first language, I am already familiar with the radicals. In fact I had learned a set of mnemonics for the radicals as a kid in Chinese. Trying to learn a second set of mnemonics seems redundant and rather confusing.

I do love the idea of SRS and WaniKani, it would be nice to have an option to skip the radical section and go straight into kanji and vocab.

You could add synonyms to what you already know them as, and blow through them.
Beyond that, this (and for kanji) has been suggested roughly 47,528 times.


The WaniKani radicals are often unique to WaniKani. I’m pretty sure you don’t know all of them, because WK puts together unique combinations, or gives them unique names at various times.

The system isn’t really designed with someone coming from Chinese in mind, unfortunately.


There’s a user on this site who explains that he just sets “fake” as a synonym for every radical because he doesn’t care about them. You could try doing the same :slight_smile: , but you’d still have to review them in order to progress so :man_shrugging:


That’s a very useful hack! Thanks.

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