Is it okay to have a large number of critical condition items

Hi. As I’ve hit level 5 I’ve seen something that concerns me. A lot of the stuff i learn in the lessons ends up in the “critical conditions” pile once the first review after the lesson happens. I’ve noticed that once i get the item to guru i don’t have any problems recalling the meaning/reading. Is this normal? Or should I slow down my lessons a bit

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The problem of leeches that people get wrong over and over is a common topic on this forum, but if you do mean just specifically after one review, you can safely completely put it out of your mind. The threshold that WK considers “critical condition” triggers with a single wrong answer (dropping it to 66% or whatever) and is not any more information than what you already knew: you got it wrong exactly once. That’s certainly normal. The whole system for measuring and reporting that kind of thing could use some work, in my opinion.


Yeah, just specifically the first review after a lesson. I’ve attached my statistics below


Yep, don’t worry about those then. Accuracy seems pretty fine! You can find a lot more discussion of general accuracy stuff around if you need, but ultimately what it comes down to is that more wrong answers will make you do more reviews and (if it’s current level kanji or radicals) potentially slow down your leveling. If you’re happy with your pace and review load, keeping in mind the reviews are going to grow over time as you get those later stages mixed in, there’s nothing at all to be concerned about!

I’m going to be honest, I don’t even look at that, if you have a leech, you’ll know when you see it, because you just never get it right.

Getting the first couple reviews wrong is normal

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Off topic, but where did you get these stats?
I love it ;0



oooooh, thank you!

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