Help with Japanese keyboard input for ipad pencil

Hey guys, recently purchased an ipad to increase my reading options, and bought a pencil as an afterthought to help get in the habit of writing more while I’m at it. I was mucking around with an app called kaku when using scribble/the pencil, I don’t get predictive text like I would if it was a keyboard.
(See bottom left corner)

However, I spoke to the dev and they have the exact same setup but have predictive text when using scribble/the pencil as the input (posted with their permission).

I’ve also checked to make sure it’s not a landscape only feature, predictive is absolutely enabled along with everything else… and clearly I am the idiot missing something :sweat_smile:

Can anyone point me in the right direction? :pray:

Have you tried tapping on the hiragana あ in the bar in the bottom right? That seems to be the part of the bar that has focus in in the second screenshot. I am absolutely guessing here. :slight_smile:

Guesses are absolutely welcome because mine haven’t worked :sweat_smile: and yes, all that does is give you some minimal keyboard settings which I’ve gone through

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This is almost definitely a stupid question: You do have a Japanese keyboard installed don’t you? :smiley: As I’m pretty sure that it’s the keyboard that shows you the predicted text.

:joy: yes, absolutely have the japanese keyboard installed and we’re both using romanji

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I tried, same issue. The only time I got the predictive suggestion was with the full keyboard enabled (not like the screenshot above). I’m not sure what this app is for exactly, I deleted it as it appear to have an auto paid subscription.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a pen. There are several different Japanese keyboards that can be used:

When I use the handwriting it expects handwriting as a Japanese would write i.e.

  • if you write kanji, the predictions are for kanji (but you have to write rather fast - if you are not fast enough, you will get 禾 when you try to write 利)
  • if you write hiragana, the predictions are hiragana only:

When I want IME predictions, I use this keyboard without handwriting:

thanks so much for giving it a go - greatly appreciated :smiling_face:

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