Wanikani with tablet and stylus or ipad and apple pen

Hello everyone!

Do you know whether is possible to input the answers or notes in wanikani lessons and reviews by handwriting with a stylus when running wanikani on a tablet or with the apple pen when using wanikani on an ipad?

Or do you know any other third party app for that purpose?

Thankyou in advance for your feedback!

The newest version of iPadOS supports Scribble - allowing your to enter by hand writing in any text field.

Sadly, this only supports English and Chinese to my knowledge so while kanji input is possible, this is somewhat useless for WaniKani.

There’s a 3rd party app called Mazec though I’ve not tried it personally.

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I’m just here to say “pen pineapple apple pen”.


I am doing this using the Flaming Durtles app on an Android tablet with the Gboard keyboard and the Language “Japanese (Handwriting)”. You can give the answers to ‘Reading’ in handwritten hiragana or romaji and the answers to ‘Meaning’ in handwritten English, all without switching keyboards.

However the keyboard supports only plain characters, no é, ', … For those you have to switch to another language (but still within gboard.

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Oh I guess I can try this with my phone. I’ll try, thanks!

Windows 10 Japanese IME inlcudes this as a built-in feature. I use it for my EN->JP recognition reviews on KameSame.


The IME relies on stroke order a lot more than the actual image, which is just one more reason to learn stroke order!


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