[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

Same for my iPhone :frowning:


I have no sound in the windows version. A bit annoying :smiley: Any ideas how to solve this?

I would like to thank you for the app, it’s nice and lovely :+1: :blush:

Isn’t it ja-ra-kei? Not sure about ta-kei, but ja-kei is a musical instrument.

I believe ta-kei is valid as an animal, just I never used it.

trying to install the app for several days now and always get an error “Unable to load data from Wanikani” tried both iOS and Android, tried both usename/password and API.
API key has all rights

At the same time I have the app installed on my old ipad for a long time and that one works fine.

Any one has any ideas? may be all reaches some limit and does not allow new installations?


You connect within wanikani in your browser, go to profile >> create API Token et copy the code into Jakeipuu where it says “manually” the second checkbox iirc.

hey @NingenWithAttitude , thanks for response, but clearly you have not read my message.
As i wrote above,

  1. I tried using API,
  2. I even tried using username and password approach,
  3. I’ve created different API keys with different permissions and tried them all.

At this stage i guess all i need is for author to respond if he is having some issues on application side, if @Pakkapao confirms all is good on his side…

Pakkapao hasn’t visited the forum for 9 months now - unlikely to get a response soon

Guess the app is dead in that case, as link to this forum is listed as “Official web page” in App store. Pity, this app was perfect for me. it did everything right…

P.S. Hope all is good on @Pakkapao’s side though …

Hi phairyn-rose. I just installed jakeipuu on my android and I am getting the same problem. I put username, password and api, but can’t do the reviews. Did you figure out how to make it work?

Nope, I gave up on it in the end. Sorry to be of no help :smiling_face_with_tear:

This isn’t a bug exactly, but maybe an interface issue.
During reviews, when I get something wrong and I want to see the item information, the pull-up bar is way too low on my phone screen, and it’s really hard to activate. I end up just pulling my whole screen up and either “scrolling”, or closing the app entirely. It takes several tries to get the item info to come up.

Could that pull up bar thingy be put just a little higher on the screen so it’s easier to get to?
I’m on iOS, if that helps.

Thank you! I love this app :slight_smile:

I wanted to give it a try on my iPhone.
I get this far:

Fetching data from Wanikani…
This can take up to 1 minute.

BUT this minute never ends :frowning:

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This is very unfortunate. I hope all is well with @Pakkapao!

I have fond memories of this app, because up until level 20 or so, that’s what I would use day in and day out. After that I moved to the more advanced Flaming Durtles, but I remember as a beginner the latter app looked way too complicated and cumbersome and I welcomed Jakeipuu’s simplicity.

This proves once again that digital rot and abandonware are a real issue.

Also, let me highlight that open source software / GitHub culture suffers less from this problem. If Pakkapao had published the source code, other people could keep working on the app, including myself. But as it stands, all we have are the native executables compiled with Flutter, which are pretty much impossible to modify. Too bad.

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I have this issue sometimes. If I force the app to close and restart it, it usually works the second time.

I’ve found iOS has been super glitchy on most of my third party apps so this is my go to when that happens and it fixes it most times.

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I really like Jakeipuu. It’s the closest I can get to my macos config and I love just how it feels working with it - reading practice is especially nice! It’s such a great addition to my renshuu workflow. If may ask for a (potentially) even further improvement to address a minor inconvenience?

Related Version: 1.4.4

Desirable behaviour:
After answering correctly (or incorrectly), proceed to next review item by pressing return or an F-key.

Current behaviour:
Tap the screen (on the arrow icon) which is a bit inconvenient.

Possible workarounds:
“present next question automatically”, but this would prevent me from the 5 seconds I usually process the correct answer and internalise it further, so not quite the replacement function for me.

I’ve had a pleasant experience in app Tsurukame with this. They also have the option to automatically switch layouts (English/Kana), which is surprisingly nice.

I use a hardware keyboard with ipadOS and would love to be able to go to the next review item by pressing return or an F-key. I would love to have this here and considering you have F-keys implemented for skip/next/undo, it seems like a possible feature, I hope.

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No longer works as of this morning. I am guessing the new “update” to Wanikani has borked this app.

Rebooted iPad and now it works. Nice!

Is there a way to sort lessons by the default WaniKani behviour? As in finish the last level vocab before I start seeing the current level items?

Edit: My bad, I thought I was getting things out of order, but seems like I was mistaken!

I’m guessing this app isnt supported anymore? I hope this app can still work somewhat with the new update as its far superior to flaming/smoldering turtles IMO.

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