[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

@Pakkapao hasn’t returned since 2021, and the application has not been open-sourced.


It still works for me. I really appreciated being able to pick and choose which kanji I wanted to learn…and change the lesson sizes.


Post update, but Jakeipuu still works, but selecting vocabulary only works if you’ve already learned the kana only vocabulary. I don’t know how reviews will happen though yet.

However, because I can still select kanji or vocab its still worth keeping the app.

Coming back to give another shot at asking @Pakkapao to please open source his incredible app. You would have control over what gets released, or you could pass that to someone else if you don’t have time! You could protect your main branch so that you have to approve any PRs that go into main! I (and the other devs in this thread) really just want to help add on to my favorite WK app and implement some of the commonly requested features. Pls pls pls open source this app so we can help take some of the burden to maintain it off your shoulders.

If Pakkapao turned off e-mail notifications in this forum, I don’t think you can reach him by tagging him. He hasn’t been active in the forum since 2 years…
Your best bet is to ask him directly - maybe with a Google Search you can find out his web profile? :wink:

It looks like it’s not working at all now :frowning:

I just used it now. It works fine, but you must NOT have any kana only words in review or lessons.