Is Jakeipuu safe?

Hey sorry if this is stupid or already adressed, curious to know if Jakeipuu is legit? Will it take any information? If I subscribe to wanikani will it take my credit info that kinda stuff? Or is it completely safe? Thank you, sorry.

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Hi, welcome!
If you arent willing to give login credentials to the third party app (which is understandable, i didnt want to either), you can always log in into the Jakeipuu with API key. Those allows the app to not log into WK, but just communicate with it, so there isnt even a chance anything would go wrong.

API key can be generated via Settings - API Tokens on the Wanikani website, just make sure to give it all permissions, otherwise the app wont allow you to do lessons/reviews


I use Jakeipuu app for iOs and I used the APK to log in. Never had an issue with it taking info from me that it shouldn’t and never had a problem with it not syncing my info for reviews etc with Wanikani.

Their info on the iOs app store states that they don’t collect any data from the app itself but if you’re on Android, check the app listing in the Google play store and see.

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Alright thank you.

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Just as an info, the “App Privacy” section is, as far as I know, not checked by Apple/Google. It is just the developer who selects, if something is collected or not. I would suggest creating an API key with only the permissions you require (like only “create reviews” if you want to do reviews)

Edit: And even better check the Privacy Policy

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