[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

First time posting here specifically because I used jakeipuu and found out it wasn’t working today. I really loved the option to get articles containing the kanji I know for reading practice. Any way to include a similar feature in your new version?

Thanks for the feedback! This is something I really want to add as I find it useful too and haven’t seen any other apps that incorporate learned kanji when searching for articles. It won’t be in the first version as it’ll take some time to figure out and implement, but I do plan on adding it! :slight_smile:

Hi, I love using Jakeipuu but for the past few days it has not updated with reviews/lessons completed. After completing the reviews, the summary says 0 answered correctly, and 0 answered incorrectly, while the number of lessons remained the same. I wrote to jakeipuu but got no response. Does anyone know if this will be fixed and when Jakeipuu will be available again? Thanks.

Yes, I am having the same problem - wrote to the provider, but got no response.

Unfortunately this app hasn’t been maintained for over a year now :frowning: and it’s not open-source, so no one can take it over and it’s probably dead for good. To clarify, I don’t know the creator of Jakeipuu at all haha, I’m just working on a similar app. I plan to release a beta version for it in the next 1-2 months


Ahhh I see… pity, I found it super useful. Thank you for responding, I am looking forward to your app!

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Will it have the same thing as Jakeipuu where I can just retry to input an answer without having the answer auto reveal or just fail me?
That is the main thing I find helpful is that I don’t see the correct answer and might have to think a bit more, or somethings it’s just some typos

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Oh yeah, I have that as the default! It’s pretty similar to Jakeipuu in how reviews are presented. I’m adding gestures now for mobile. Swipe left will be retry/redo, swipe right will be submit answer/move to next review item. I’ll show an update on the app progress this weekend!

Edit: I also plan on adding a setting where you can have strict/exact (like no similar words) meaning answers for transitive and intransitive verbs. Of course would still allow retries for typos. This feature prob won’t be in early beta version though

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Sorry about the late reply, I’ve been going through a breakup and needed to take some time for myself. I’ve started a topic on my upcoming app if y’all are interested :slight_smile: Hakubun - Cross-Platform App for Wanikani (Upcoming)


You don’t have to be sorry, it’s your own project you’re doing on your free time, work on yourself first that’s more important for your mental


Hello, any chances that Jakeipuu becomes available again?