Help With Jakeipuu iOS App

Hello everyone! I’ve used Jakeipuu ever since I started with WaniKani but I’ve always had an android. I just switch to an iPhone and something is different on the iOS Jakeipuu app. The kanji look different and it makes it very difficult to tell what they are sometimes when normally I’d get them right. I attached two pictures of the kanji for “new”. One is a screenshot of Jakeipuu and the other is a screenshot of Tsurukame. In the Jakeipuu app, the tree radical isn’t connected. It’s not only limited to that kanji either, it does weird things for a bunch more. It’s frustrating because imo Jakepiuu is the best app and I don’t know what’s causing this issue. I’ve sent the developers an email asking for help but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Thanks! :slight_smile:

There’s no issue, they just use different fonts. Some kanji will look a little different from one font to another

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I thought that might be it, but it’s still annoying. I even tried the app on android again and it looks nothing like the iOS app

Try 誤解. I can pretty much tell whether it is within the limit of Kanji forms or not.

Are you asking for a screenshot? If so, here you go. Thank you!

Yeah, this is due to Han unification, not a proper Japanese Kanji form. You should contact the developer (who is Thai and probably should realize that Chinese form is the default in this region).

Can be fixed by forcing with Japanese only fonts.

Takoboto has this problem as well.

BTW, simply enabling “Force Japanese locale” fixes it for my smartphone. Not sure if this can be applied to other apps


Thank you for looking into it :slight_smile: I already sent an email to the developer email address they have on the app. That was a couple days ago. Holding out hope that they reply soon

You saw the main thread? I can’t exactly be sure that he is active anymore.

Oh no I didn’t. That’s kinda sad

Jakeipuu is the one using the Chinese font, right? And you’re using Tsurukame now? Tsurukame uses a Japanese font, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. How they appear in Tsurukame is one of the ways you’ll see them in Japanese fonts, and also you should get used to seeing kanji in different fonts anyway because all websites, all books, all games, etc. don’t use the same one, and all kanji won’t necessarily look exactly the same between them even when they are all Japanese fonts


I guess you’re right. Thank you both for the responses. But Tsurukame just isn’t the app for me. Do either of you have any alternatives?

For writing, there is definitely a proper form you should learn first. 教科書体, I think.

Even for reading, seeing a proper Japanese font is typically recommended. Chinese variant is actually beyond what you see in any printed Japanese media.

In any case, there is an acceptable limit. There is even a UserScript to learn fancy forms, but it is still within the acceptable limit.

Tsurukame’s the only iOS app I know of, but apparently the site works fine on mobile browser, you just won’t have any of the inbuilt scripts unless you figure out how to install them on your phone’s browser


Okay I tried searching on here and found this one, which also has stroke order practice. It hasn’t had an update since 2019, though, which may or may not be a bad thing.

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