[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

This is the update on the app:



Yay! Just got a new version pushed through Google Play. Thanks so much!!

Hey @Pakkapao, just wanted to reach out again and mention that I don’t think you actually violate 3.1.1. It should be easy to appeal. Again, if your implementation is the issue, I’ll happily help you get this app in compliance with App Store guidelines and I’d love to help with a couple bug fixes.


I just found another not-a-typo that Wanikani / Jakeipuu was letting though: “poisoned” for 中毒 (instead of poisoning, as in the act of poisoning something or someone.)

Who knows how many mistakes I’ve already committed to memory.

@Mods can anybody please tell me who do I have to petition to have the option to disable typo tolerance (or set it to max 1 letter, just for the occasional typo)? Jakeipuu or Wanikani devs?

Most likely WK devs.

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[Userscript] “Close But No Cigar” won’t accept any typos for the Meaning but will shake if you’re slightly off. It’s integrated into [Userscript]: Double-Check and can be turned on in the settings.

As for the app, yeah, you’d need to contact the app devs.

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It is an adjective, though???

Our typo tolerance won’t be changing anytime soon, but you can always request to have things added to the blocklist. We have users who actually send us emails/chats about the opposite thing and want a greater tolerance. For short 3 letter words, it is currently max 1 letter typos, just FYI.

I’ll add ‘poisoned’ for 中毒 's block list.

Did this change? I was sure no typos were allowed for three letter words

Oh sorry, you’re right. I don’t know why I said 1 there when I’m always explaining this example in emails :sweat_smile: Yes, there are no typos allowed for 3 letter words.


Hi @bqmoreland, I tried resubmitting the app to App Store again after 7 months and somehow it got approved. Thank your for your advise!


@Pakkapao heyoohhh!! Nice! Yeah, sometimes the App Store is totally arbitrary with those decisions. At my company we’ve been rejected, submitted the exact same binary, any gotten approved. But you definitely don’t violate 3.1.1.

Glad to hear you got approved though! I love your app.

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Yay, an update!! Absolutely love this app.

Quick question - will there be an update of a ‘shake’ screen when you input the on’yomi instead of the kun’yomi, as it currently only does it the other way round and I know wanikani have updated it to do both ways?

That would be so appreciated!!


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I think it is already implemented.



Oh weird, it’s not doing that for me. I’ll try uninstall and reinstall.

I think the difference is kanji v. vocab. WK and Jakeipuu used to do this for kanji. I’d guess it’s not yet implemented here for vocab…


Hi! For New Lessons on iPhone 12 mini - I cannot go passed the ‘Breakdown’, ‘Meaning’ and ‘Reading’ to actually start the lesson. There’s no option but to go back Home and cancel the new learning session :frowning: Bug ?

Not sure if this is the best place to reply but their seems to be a possible bug that might be a little worrisome?

@Pakkapao Since we have this app available in Windows too, is there a way you could implement notifications on Windows 10!? The option is grayed out, which I’m guessing it means is not implemented yet right?

Getting notifications on Windows would be a huge thing! :astonished:

Hi! I’ve been using the app for about two weeks now. It’s really convenient to do reviews and study a couple of lessons in a short breaks during the day.

However, I just noticed an issue :hot_face:
In the last review I got among others:
広がる (hirogaru) - I replied “to spread”
年次 (nenji) - which I translated as “next year”

After the review I went to double check their meanings and
広がる - has meanings “to spread out, to extend, to stretch”
年次- has “annual, yearly”

Why my answers were accepted then? Now I am concerned whether I actually memorized correct translations for other vocab, or whether my mistakes went unnoticed :frowning:

PS. I’m using Android app