[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

Some people in previous comments seemed to suggest that apple was wrong for rejecting the app.
I know that there is almost no chance, but maybe there is a slim one that the creator eventually opens up a conversation with apple again.
The error I had might be one that still exists across platforms, so I thought it would not hurt to share it.
Main reason I posted however was to say thank you for making the app. Still works on iOS, so it has been super helpful to me.

Anyone else having this issue on Jakeipuu?

I’m on level 5 and one vocab will NOT clear from my reviews. It’s “to be cut/切れる” . I answer correctly, it stays for the next review, I answer incorrectly, it stays for the next review.

I’ve tried restarting, signing out and in, deleting and reinstalling… nothing. It’s only happening on jakeipuu, not the wanikani site.




Now it’s three items… they’re breeding!! :sob:

I’ve taken a screen recording but it won’t let me post.

@eickler @ElleBlair Have a feeling your issues might be to do with some recent item changes on WaniKani’s end and will likely require the app developers to update their copy of the database. Other people with the same issue.

Yes, it’s exactly this issue. 乗せる and 苦い are also for me among the words that are repeated.

For info, @ElleBlair , I wrote an email to @Pakkapao on the address mentioned in Play Store and deleted my post here. (That was maybe not my smartest move; I thought that it would not be a good idea to write something to the end of a very long thread which hasn’t been used in a while.)

So many thanks @Kraits and @ElleBlair for pointer and confirmation.


Oh good to know it’s not just me. I hope it’s able to be fixed soon!


Some good news: I leveled up today and the stuck reviews vanished! So maybe just be persistent and continue to enter the stuck items until the next level. Let’s see …

At least I won’t forget “bitter” and “to give a ride” for a long while.


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Haha this gives me motivation to level up!! Soooo fed up of the three that keep repeating now :sob:

Hey there @Pakkapao! I’m a US based iOS developer and I’ve been using your app for about a month now. I love it! I’d love to help you get out some bug fixes and comply with App Store guidelines so we can keep this app alive. I’d do it all for free, of course, because you offer the app for free. Please let me help you out!


Btw. I am also a computer science guy. Haven’t done Swift, but Java and Frontend is fine. I could probably fix the API issue.

This is the update on the app:



Yay! Just got a new version pushed through Google Play. Thanks so much!!

Hey @Pakkapao, just wanted to reach out again and mention that I don’t think you actually violate 3.1.1. It should be easy to appeal. Again, if your implementation is the issue, I’ll happily help you get this app in compliance with App Store guidelines and I’d love to help with a couple bug fixes.


I just found another not-a-typo that Wanikani / Jakeipuu was letting though: “poisoned” for 中毒 (instead of poisoning, as in the act of poisoning something or someone.)

Who knows how many mistakes I’ve already committed to memory.

@Mods can anybody please tell me who do I have to petition to have the option to disable typo tolerance (or set it to max 1 letter, just for the occasional typo)? Jakeipuu or Wanikani devs?

Most likely WK devs.

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[Userscript] “Close But No Cigar” won’t accept any typos for the Meaning but will shake if you’re slightly off. It’s integrated into [Userscript]: Double-Check and can be turned on in the settings.

As for the app, yeah, you’d need to contact the app devs.

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It is an adjective, though???

Our typo tolerance won’t be changing anytime soon, but you can always request to have things added to the blocklist. We have users who actually send us emails/chats about the opposite thing and want a greater tolerance. For short 3 letter words, it is currently max 1 letter typos, just FYI.

I’ll add ‘poisoned’ for 中毒 's block list.

Did this change? I was sure no typos were allowed for three letter words

Oh sorry, you’re right. I don’t know why I said 1 there when I’m always explaining this example in emails :sweat_smile: Yes, there are no typos allowed for 3 letter words.