[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I think the app requires a periodic sync with wanikani to get the latest updates so we will only get it in the app if the author has time to do it. I absolutely love this app and can’t imagine doing my reviews without it on the go so really hope there will be a content update soon.


I was wondering about this. @davidsansome hasn’t been around in a while. I did try through github as well. I was wondering if he might pass on maintainable to someone else or open source the code so someone else could build on it.

(NB I’m not volunteering, I sadly don’t have the skills)

Tsurukame’s item list is static and not dynamically and regularly fetched from WK. That’s why when WK introduces new items (kanji, vocabs), they will not show up on Tsurukame until the owner actively downloads those items and sync the other items to WK for other changes (typo fixes, level changes, radical name changes, etc.)

I think he is still maintaining the app, if you have a look on Github there is some recent activity on the app by him, like writing some code etc. I am sure he’ll release an update at some point.


After I do lessons offline with Tsurukame, instead of advancing (to “Novice”), they show a different kind of Locked. Can you please fix this?
(The bottom ones were the lessons I just did)

Edit: This was the locked items issue. :angry:

AlliCrab has announced that it will have offline reviewing in 4.0. It’s currently on beta 3.1.90, but it will be an alternative.

Edit: 4.0 will never be released. Further development of AlliCrab has ceased.


Can you let us see the item after we type the meaning? The reason I ask is because the app doesn’t even warn you that you made a typo and sometimes accepts it even though I input the wrong word. This way when I’m unsure I can check that it’s correct and if not I can get the reading wrong on purpose. I just got a vocab wrong and it became enlightened and it’ll be months before I see it again due to this bug :confused:

So Tsurukame hasn’t had an update in about 4 months, and is now missing some of the newer content added. Mobile AliCrab announced 3.0 is the last version they’ve putting on the App Store due to Apple’s stupid policies.

Does this mean the end of good apps on the iPhone? WK in the phone browser is awful. Is there any plan for Tsurukame to have an update soon?


I’m really sorry for the long delay between updates - I haven’t had a whole lot of time to give to Tsurukame lately.
But good news! There’s an update in review with Apple now and it should be out in a few days!

Here’s a sneak peak of the changelog:

Fixed major bugs where review and lession progress would stop being uploaded after some time.

New features:

  • Added an option to use Katakana for Onyomi readings.
  • Added remaining level time and SRS level counts to the main screen.
  • Added new items and pronounciation audio files from Wanikani.
  • Added some new lesson customization settings.
  • Added a “lowest level first” review sort option.
  • Added a count of how many Kanji the user knows to the main screen.
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a bug where fonts would be chosen that couldn’t render certain characters.
  • Fix a bug with music ducking when playing pronunciation audio.
  • Use Japanese fonts even when the iOS system language is Chinese.

Great news, fingers crossed you don’t get purged by apple as has happened to others.

Praise the gods. My prayer has been answered.

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That’s amazing, thank you so much. Will there be also the new kanji’s WaniKani added or will that be in another update?

Thanks again, and I saw you also added the katakana option I suggested on GitHub, that’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think those will be in, based on this line in the update changes

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Oh I missed that line. Awesome :sunglasses:

You rock and your app is the best


Definitely keep us updated on the status because it seems other iOS devs have had trouble getting their app/updates published. I think Apple is complaining about the subscription being through WaniKani’s website and not through them(to take a cut). Which is bullshit because its a third party app and there is no control over that.

The update is live. I just downloaded it from the App Store


Me too! ~ ~ ~ ~~

Thanks for the new update, I’m loving the new stats and menus.

For some reason my completed reviews aren’t getting published to wanikani even though I’m online. It’s been a couple hours since they were completed.

I think this is also messing with the time remaining - I should be on track to complete this level in ~3 days


As for me, it’s showing a difference in my apprentice count. Also, the kanji 膝 which is probably new for level 38 still doesn’t seem to be reflected since I had to do that one on the computer earlier.

Super nice touch with showing people how much kanji they’ve learned so far. I’ve yet to play with the app and do my reviews but I’m pretty stoked about all the changes.

Edit: Logging back in and out didn’t do it for me and still am waiting on the to be available on my iPad to check that out.