[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I may have to switch back to iOS for all of these great WK apps.

Especially when the API switches over and WK for Android falters.

I actually bought a new Iphone recently just for apps like this one. My old one kinda died half a year ago, so I was using some huawei phone as a replacement for a while

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I don’t really understand the line chart. Which direction is upcoming? If the x and y axis were labeled it wouldn’t be so ambiguous. Or a little help icon to have an explanation for the chart would be nice. I’ve been using it for months and still don’t know what it means :joy:

as said in other threads : I love you man

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I am not sure I understand what’s confusing about the graph. The x axis is the time, and it goes from left to right, left being now and extreme right being 24 hours from now. The y axis is how many reviews you have to do, starts from zero and goes up with reviews.

Well there you have it. When explained it makes more sense. Without an explanation it’s just numbers bars and lines.

I’m still confused what the numbers atop the bars are and how that compares with the number in my reviews section.

Currently I have 15 reviews to do. I don’t see 15 anywhere on the chart. But is that because that is right now? The chart only shows upcoming? So, for instance, at 4pm (16:00) I will have 1 more review added to what I need to accomplish? And if I wait until then I would ultimately have 36 reviews to complete?

If the above is true, what are the numbers on the y axis? Why do they go up to 70?

And the line with dots, what is that?

Thanks in advance. I don’t like making assumptions and this chart assumes a lot without labeling anything at all.

The blue bars are how many reviews are due on that time (the one marked below), the purple line is the total you’d have if you don’t do any review until that time. You can see how the purple line only goes up, by the amount of the blue line.

In your example you can see how the purple line starts from 15 (between 10 and 20 on the y), and keeps growing by the amount indicated on top of the blue bars.

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@Walter-it Thank you so much. The mystery has been solved! I like to be able to do wanikani throughout the day rather than a large amount at once. Now I understand how this chart should look if I’m on top of my lessons. Keep the purple bar low and lookout for times when there’s a large amount of reviews coming my way.

Thanks again!


No problem, happy to help :wink:

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So i tried this app and it’s really amazing. But there’s small thing that unfortunately makes it unusable: the some kanjis/radicals look completely different so it’s impossible to recognize them! Is there a way to use the normal fonts?

You can choose the fonts you wish to use in the settings for the app.

I was talking about this: Which of these is the correct version for 令?

But it’s ok now, im enjoying the app!

@xschuesslerx I had the same questions as you so thanks for asking them :slight_smile: and thanks @Walter-it for your very clear explanations!

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I have 130 reviews that dont seem to upload to wanikani even after refreshing multiple times. Is the app still being updated?

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I have the same issue. My reviews are not being uploaded (it says they will be uploaded “when you’re back online”). The app is definitely connected because when I did more lessons on desktop, then refreshed the app, the app showed the updated lessons count after refreshing.

It’s a shame that it isn’t working because it is actually my favorite WK app to do reviews on. :confused: Would appreciate any help people may have! :relaxed:

I’ve been using your app for a couple of months now and it’s been extremely useful. Thanks for making this app :).

The only thing it lacks for me (and thus I sometimes have to do WaniKani the PC) is Lesson ordering settings. You can configure review order, but not learning order, and I always learn grammar over new kanji.

The UI and charts on main page are understandable enough for me and I never had any problems with uploading the reviews.

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I have this sometimes but restarting the app always fixes the problem for me (killing the suspended state).


I use an iPhone, so do you mean double-tapping the home button and sliding the app up? I’ve tried doing that with no success. I’ll try deleting and re-installing the app and see if that works, though.

Edit: re-installed it and now it’s working fine!

Yeah that’s what I meant. Glad it’s working now!

Loving use of the app as always. No syncing errors from me as of yet, thankfully.

My small thing that doesn’t seem like it’s updating properly are the newly added Kanji/vocab in the most recent update. At level 23 here, I have 3 kanji I can only review on the site instead of in app, and suspect the same will remain true for vocab.

There’s also an upcoming similar update, so I’m wondering if this is a me only minor nitpick thing, or worth addressing.