[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I notified the WK team about this meaning not being on the allow list, as it turned up as failed in Tsurukame. Rachel informed me that it should already be on the allow list, so I said I’d give a nudge to you in terms of checking that the allow list is up to date.


It’s really awesome that you are implementing an anki mode, but it looks like it requires three precise button presses per question to answer. If you did something like Juken where you swipe to indicate if the answer is right/wrong, then it would only require one precise button press to show the answer + one swipe to indicate right/wrong, which is faster, fewer actions, and requires less concentration. That could allow one to focus more on the reviews.


Today I suddenly getting Logged out of the App with the following message: “Your API Token expired - please log in again.” and when I log in again I instantly get the same error message and get logged out again.
Does someone else have this problem?

EDIT: Reinstallation has helped, but as soon, as I finish lessons or a review session I’m getting logged out again.

Try uninstalling, removing the API token on the website named “Tsurukame” and then try reinstalling it again.

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Removing the API Tokens has helped, somehow I had two Tsurukame API tokens and one didn’t have any permissions.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Davidandsome for making this app.

I have an add-on for the desktop version of WK that lets me see context sentences during reviews. The context sentence usually increases my memory recall, and assists me in providing the right answer when I would otherwise forget the meaning or pronunciation and have to review the word again and again.

Have you considered adding something like this to your App?

Here is a link to the thread about the addon, in case it helps give you an idea of how it looks and works:

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I agree… ideally I’d like to be able to just tap in the same place two times for each card (tap to reveal, tap to mark as correct). The Anki app lets you tap anywhere on the right side of the screen for correct and left side for incorrect. Maybe allowing swipes too would be good for people using large phones one-handed.


Yes please add any functionality that allows us to say we know the answer without typing it

I’m doing 100+ reviews a day and it’s starting to hurt

Hello. Why it says user and/or password is incorrect on my iphone?

There was a WK outage recently. Does it work correctly now?

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@anduril11 @cakeat

I’ve been using Anki mode myself now, it’s actually quite convenient. I’ve reduced the number of required taps to two by making it automatically display the answer-correct popup.

If you want to test it, I’ve just attempted to release Koraigame 824+14.4 (my legacy/experimental fork of Tsurukame).

You should be able to sideload the IPA provided using AltStore, etc.:

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Hi @davidsansome! I just wanted to say that I love Tsurukame, it’s way better than the other options for iOS and I use it a lot as a complement to the WaniKani website itself!

Keep up the great work and will keep you updated on new features or things that I miss! (I’ll probably do this on GitHub, since I’m also a developer :wink:)

Thanks very much for Tsurukame! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I recently returned to Tsurukame after a long period of desktop-only WK usage, and I think I found a small glitch:

The topmost kanji below the „Apprentice 3“ separator is actually on Apprentice 4.


it’s a known error. but it’s purely a wrong display, the items still are in their actual categories.

apparently it’s fixed in the development/beta version, but i’m just waiting for whenever they issue a proper update ^^


I have been trying for weeks to get my Apprentice queue down to 0 but for some reason it remind at 1 after countless review sessions via the app Tsurukame. So today I logged into my account online and I see this discrepancy.

From WaniKani

From Tsurukame

Has anyone had this problem? I have tried logging out of the app and back in but it is still showing 1 in my Apprentice queue. Sometimes I put off on starting new level material until I have cleared so I am hoping that there is someone to fix this.

It might be caused by the content updates. You could try deleting and reinstalling the app and logging in again to see if that fixes it. Or it might be related to the post above yours.

Thank you for the reply. It didn’t work either. I guess if it is a known bug I will have to use a different app.

Does the TestFlight beta work? Click on the GitHub link in the first post of this thread, then the join TestFlight beta link you’ll find on GitHub.

It’s not a known bug. (However, I’ve been using beta versions myself, which is considered to be the most updated version of the app.)

Just wanted to say that this is such a great app. I find Tsurukame lesson layout a little more efficient than WaniKani, and the option to ignore typos saves a lot of annoyance, especially on mobile.

Hope you’ll also support KaniWani some day :slight_smile: