(iOS 15 Siri Shortcut) - Automatically turn Japanese words into detailed Anki Flashcards

Hey, I recently made a free tool that should help speed up the creation of Anki flashcards on iOS. This will currently only work on iOS 15, and while it should work on macOS 12 I am unable to test this.

Simply select the text you want to make a flashcard, select the Shortcut on the Share Sheet, select the search result and interpretations you wish to include and it’s all added to the deck you choose when you first add the Shortcut to your device.

(You can also use the shortcut on it’s own, and it’ll ask you for the text you wish to use)

I also designed a custom Anki card template to go along with it called Tranquility. The template has been designed to evoke feelings of calm without being too minimalist, with carefully selected custom fonts and tranquil background designs adapted from the work of Mori Yuzan (森雄山).

Some Notes

This uses Jisho.org’s API (thanks!):

  • You’ll need an internet connection when using the shortcut.

  • The API currently only supports word searches, so Kanji entries will not appear on the search results (the card template doesn’t support it anyway)


  • You’ll need the Shortcuts and Anki iOS apps!

  • If you’re a desktop or Android user you can still use the template, its fully functional.

  • The card template includes fields whether the word is common and what it’s JLPT and/or WK level is but it wont be displayed on the cards (yet).

Siri Shortcut

iCloud Link

Anki Deck

AnkiWeb Link

Toggle Furigana Shortcut

As a bonus, I also have a simple Siri Shortcut that toggles off/on Furigana on any website that displays it. iCloud Link.


I updated the Siri Shortcut to prevent issues when trying to add certain definitions to Anki, it should now work for anything. The new link is in the original post.