*Interesting* recommended listening resources

ah youre a godsend, thank you aha

I love Kingdom Hearts. wonders if there’s any more interviews like this

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This one is more of a panel and not as interesting, but it’s something I guess.

Also, the Japanese Square-Enix channel.


I enjoyed watching Miss Sherlock which is a new Japanese series (only one season so far unfortunately) that’s available on HBO. For Netflix I’d recommend Atelier (main character is a little annoying, but the overall story is pretty good), and any of the Terrace House series where you can hear a lot of natural conversations at various levels of formality.

For youtube I enjoy:
はみんぐ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfr1mLAH9BprKEUjTFYmrVQ for Let’s Plays. He doesn’t freak out as much as some, but that makes him easier to understand. He does a pretty wide variety, but I like his horror games most.

くまみき https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr-QcqNToYablI-jU2VPVSw is a pretty prolific fashion/crafts/kawaii content creator so you get a lot of instructional videos. She also has a series of videos on Harajuku fashion history if you just want some cultural insight.

MasuoTV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCUd6vfPvpPHBWZ6XwXAlRQ Does a lot of random things is probably the best way to put it. Some of it’s weird, some of it’s interesting. I’m never certain what I’m going to get when he posts a new video, but fairly comprehensible speaking style and it can be an entertaining short thing to watch when bored.


Thanks, these are very helpful and interesting suggestions

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