Looking for listening recommendations

Hello dear people.

I’ve been putting quite some effort into learning japanese for a good half year now. While reading comprehension is starting to get there, it becoming clear I am not getting enough listening practice in.

I don’t really know where to start to be quite honest. An obvious answer is music, but my last proper japanese musical touch stones were from my teenage years around 2000 -2010. I kind of fell out of love with what I liked at the time and going back to that isn’t working out.

I’d say I enjoy metal, industrial and electronic stuff. But feel free to suggest beyond that. I’ll try to be as open minded as possible.

I am engaging with games and that’s going fairly alright, but at the moment leans more to reading than listening.

I don’t really jive with streams and watching series (shounen series or whatever via crunchy roll, watched a bit of chainsaw man and jojo season 2) is far too low frequency for me on average. But perhaps there are some youtube channels or similar content you guys can recommend. I love games, figurines and any kind of tech nonesense, even drawing. I do engage with some japanese learning channels, but I feel I need some non-learning targetted content as well to ballance out my auditory learning.

Anything else you can think of to acces native content to listen to is welcome as well.

So tl;dr:
Any music you’d like to suggest
Any youtube esque content about tech, art, games, figurines you could point out?
Anything beyond that you’d recommend?

A bonus in all cases is jp subtitles, but not required, because it might make me lazy on the hearing goal itself.

Thanks for anything provided =D

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I’d like to recommend the Listen Every Day challenge, which is a place where a lot of people post things they’re listening to. It’s a great place for recommendations!

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I’d start checking out the Listening practice thread if you haven’t already. There’s a wiki with both links outside of Wanikani and within to other listening comprehension threads including several of the ongoing music suggestion threads on here. :slight_smile:


Can’t mark both as solution, but both thx, I’ll go check :eyes:

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