Infinite review glitch (Android phone)

Hey there! I was just trying to do a quick review session on my phone and the strangest thing happened.

I had sixteen reviews, but since I don’t like doing them on my phone, I engaged wrap up right off the bat. With 9 of the 10 wrap-up items done, I decided it was going well, so I turned off wrap-up with the intention of continuing.

At which point, WK started to infinitely loop certain review items. Seven or eight items in total kept being asked again and again, but three or four words recurred much more than the rest. Every time I got it right, it was counted correctly.

By the time I killed my window, the count said I had 34 items correct (remember: 16 reviews was all I had), and the number of supposed remaining items was stuck at 10 the whole time.

I tried for several minutes if it would end on its own, but it didn’t. Navigating back to dash on my laptop - I saw 9 reviews were pending, and it turned out to be the words that were looping for me. So despite doing them for several minutes, they were considered not done at all.

I’m going to add a bunch of screen shots that I took on my phone - note how pictures that seem the same are actually counted as separate items, since the number of correct answers has ticked up. The number of supposed remaining items stays stubbornly at 10.

Bunch of screen shots


I’m assuming wrap up had a hissy fit somehow?

Just wanted to throw it out there! Be wary of the wrap up button on Android phone, I guess. :purple_heart:


FYI, the android app is not an official app from wanikani, in fact tofugu hasn’t developed an app for wani, yet. So, expect some glitches as the app you used on your phone hasn’t been update for some time.

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I wasn’t using the app. ^-^ Just navigated to WaniKani on my phone browser.


oh my bad, I should pay more attention to your screenshot xD


I wonder if they finally tried to fix the bug I reported a while ago and accidentally made it worse. :laughing:

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Since I won’t be forgetting those looped review items anytime soon, they can turn it into a feature. :wink: Review them infinitely!


i’m using reorder with 1:1 (firefox android) and can end anytime without losing any progress. maybe something to think about, this is immensely helpful during commute, for example.

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Thanks for the tip. ^-^ I use my phone for only a fraction of my reviews. I always try to do reviews during commutes, but I’m just not focussed enough when out and about among people, and my accuracy drops significantly. I mostly use my phone to do reviews if I have less than 20, and my computer is in use in that moment.

With regards to the glitch: it is repeatable. For me, at least.

19 reviews in total. Turned on wrap up immediately, and turned it off when 9 out of 10 items were completed.

I thought it wasn’t going to happen, because it obediently ran the remaining 9 items by me, without doubles. But when I hit 19 total correct answers, it started looping things I had already done that review session. And it again kept showing 10 items remaining, no matter what changed.


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