Can't continue reviews after canceling "wrap up"

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a review session.
  2. Turn on wrap up.
  3. Do reviews until the wrap up number shows 0.
  4. Turn off wrap up.
  5. Click the continue arrow / press enter.

After those steps, it used to just reload the next set of reviews. Now nothing happens and I have to refresh to continue reviews. I was able to reproduce after turning off all scripts.

Stack trace:

application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:7 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'kan' of undefined
    at Object.randomQuestion (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:7)
    at Object.nextQuestion (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:6)
    at n (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:7)
    at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:7)
    at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:2)
    at HTMLButtonElement.g.handle (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:2)
    at Object.trigger (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:2)
    at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:2)
    at Function.each (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:1)
    at pe.fn.init.each (application-df39e9a13ef94cd7a29f7c89551e59aaf3fbc79c62ee0c7bb1198b7b5e83f05f.js:1)

Tagging @viet in case he hasn’t seen it already.

Hey @seanblue

Thanks for the detailed report. I’ll make time to look into this next week. Will get back to you then.


I was able to repro this bug on my own review session.


@viet Any update on this?

Not at the moment. Had other things on our plates lately.

This is still happening so I wanted to check back and see if there was any update.

Been almost three months now. Any update on this one?

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