Wrap-up button oddities

When you press wrap-up button, do several items, then change your mind and turn off the wrap-up (meaning you now want to tackle all your reviews; or you want to wrap-up at a later time), the review session behaves oddly. Items that you have answered correctly (both meaning and reading) come up repeatedly. The session does not end and just goes around in circles. The only way to get out of this is to refresh the page.

I remember having this problem perhaps last year, then it was fixed. Now it’s wonky again?


I got this same error once or twice. I Wasn’t even using the Wrap-Up button when it happened.

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Maybe you can tell the WK dev team (e.g. @oldbonsai) how to reproduce your error?

I really don’t know how it happened. I was using WK as usual, then about 2 Kanji or Vocab I was absolutely certain I was done with in that review session appeared again. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.


I’ve just noticed similar behaviour on both my iPhone (Safari on iOS 14.4.1) and Chrome (macOS 10.14.6, Chrome Version 89.0.4389.82). I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to cancel Wrap Up before, but tonight this happened on both my devices. In both cases I:

  • answered a few questions, got some right and some wrong
  • hit Wrap Up
  • answered a few more questions
  • hit Wrap Up again to cancel
  • and continued to answer.

The inbox counter jumped to 10 and stayed stuck there, and questions began to recycle. Questions were still marked as correct and the “correct” counter kept being incremented, even if I’d already answered the same item that session.

More info, in case it’s helpful: I continued playing with this on Chrome on my next review, and after repeating the steps above and then doing a bunch of redundant reviews, I also noticed that hitting Enter or the > button to advance to the next question stopped working intermittently. After a few more reviews, the red/green banners for correct answers stopped appearing after an answer. After getting to 30 out of 17 correct answers (most of them for 得意), the review seemed to lock up entirely.

The good news is, restarting the review seemed to work – the items that repeated due to the bug seemed to be recorded properly, and the stats in the Reviews Summary seem to be correct.

I’ve been using WK for 8+ months and this is the first real bug I’ve noticed, so hats off to the team!

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I’ve had that exact same problem before too, nothing much, but still a little confusing. I thought it was my wifi.

This thread is already one year old. Any responses @Mods?


Hm, I just tried it on my Chrome (89.0.4389.82 ) / Mac (10.15.7) and followed your steps, but my inbox counter didn’t get stuck. I answered a few questions so I was at 8, and then when I clicked on the Wrap Up again, the number counter disappeared.

How often are you seeing this issue? Like if you were to do 3 review sessions, is it happening for all 3?

I’ll try it on my Android as well but if you’re using any scripts on your browser, can you try turning them all off?

[Edit] Also unable to reproduce the same issue on my Android. I’ll see if someone else on our team can reproduce it.

@plantron Are you also experiencing this issue consistently since you first posted?

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I’ve been doing my reviews with Flaming Durtles recently, so I haven’t had this problem. Maybe hadama can share how to reproduce it.

Hey Jen! Thanks for looking into this. I’m still trying out different input as I do my reviews, but it seems to happen if you cancel Wrap Up with fewer than 10 items left. That probably explains why it’s relatively rare but happened several times while I was testing, since I had a lot of small reviews sessions to do.

How long after you open the review page does this happen? Within a few minutes or more than an hour?

If you see this issue happen again, can you see if any error messages are logged to your console after it happens? (ctrl+shift+i before you finish the review session)

The only time I’ve seen behavior like this on the WaniKani website is when the jStorage ttl expires.

When you say fewer than 10 items left, you mean in total and not the actual number written on the wrap up button? Or do you mean your total review pile has less than 10 and the wrap up button is on?

Sorry, yes – it seems to happen consistently when I start Wrap Up with more than 10 items left in the inbox at top right, and then cancel it after that number drops below 10.

FWIW, it doesn’t seem to happen if I start Wrap Up with fewer than 10 items left (doing that seems to have no effect on the review, which is as it should be).

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I just tried this and was able to reproduce the bug with Chrome (latest version) on Windows 10.

Steps: opened console, started Wrap Up, answered questions until 8 were left in the review pile / inbox, cancelled Wrap up. No errors reported by the console at that point, or when I entered my first correct answer – though at that point the inbox counter jumped back up to 10. But on the next correct answer, I got this:

[Honeybadger] Ignoring cross-domain script error: enable CORS to track these types of errors Arguments(5) [“Script error.”, “”, 0, 0, null, callee: (…), Symbol(Symbol.iterator): ƒ]
application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:98 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of null
at application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:98
at Function.grep (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:14)
at Object.processCompleted (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:98)
at Object.updateLocalItemStat (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:98)
at Object.renderPostAnswer (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:98)
at r (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:98)
at HTMLButtonElement. (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:98)
at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:26)
at HTMLButtonElement.g.handle (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:25)
at Object.trigger (application-39b9de633be3d7622fe9056d80b45269bbc9510d00625c4656b855453ce7f51a.js:26)

Hopefully that’s of some use.

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Thanks, I’ll share it with our team!

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