Just finished doing over 200 reviews

I kind of let the day get away from me yesterday, and there was a little while i got them down to 100 this noon.
I worked out at midnight, and started doing reviews at about 1 and just finished.
Woo boy that was something.
I have a few more days of 100+ reviews coming up, so maybe starting Thursday ill start tackling my level up lessons.
Never give up!


I was out of wanikani for about 3 months…
when i came back last week: surprise you have more than 400 items to review!!!
took me about a week to finish them. Now i’m at zero reviews with 49 lessons to do (vocabulary) and doing 10 of them per day.

Advice for those who read: DO YOUR REVIEWS. having more than 100 reviews to do, not only impact your motivation but it’s time consuming!!


The only upside now is that having done a 200 chunk batch review, a 100 chunk doesn’t seem that scary any more.


Or use vacation mode when you haven’t been able to do you reviews in a few days.
Why do people rarely use that? isn’t it mentioned in the tutorial in the beginning?

I have 100-150 reviews daily cause I only have time once or twice a day for the reviews, so they pile up. Idk, when I got those burn reviews, I got many of them but I don’t have many apprentice items. I kind of got used to it but truth to be told, I am happy once I finished Wanikani so I don’t spend as much time on reviews anymore ^^
Let’s see when that happens, these 20 levels took me a year so far.

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I’ve always wondered that. I see many people talk about having many reviews and no one seems to mention anything about vacation mode.

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I could only imagine that most people have good intentions on getting to their reviews, but a 1 day slump eventually just keeps on snowballing until people come back and realize the review avalanche

To be honest, i knew the option was available. Totally forgot it was there. hahahaha.
Regarding tutorials…

isn’t it mentioned in the tutorial in the beginning

Is there a tutorial? for real??? I just started using the site and checking every option there was available as i subscribed.

I’m not sure but I thought at the beginning when you start level 1 you have a short walkthrough through your first lesson and reviews and some basic functions. :thinking:
Bit maybe I remember it wrong or it was optional to do that?

I Might make this thread into a journal of sorts.

Another 200+ review day, an update that I was able to find the motivation to do lessons again, down to zero lessons and just chugging along now on the level 17 items.
At least i can look forward to the top of the hill of level 20 to know that this is about where the workload levels out.

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