651 reviews in a day. About to become a norm. About to scream

remember those lovely days when you’d see 25 reviews and you’d be like, oh no, that cant be.

I woke up 3 hours before work today and barely finished my level up routine before I got to work :sweat_smile:
In fact I missed the study timing by a minute, so four items are probably going to get lumped with Sunday reviews instead :thinking:

Make no mistake, this screenshot doesn’t tell the whole story. This doesn’t involve the time spent to learn a hundred thirty something new items and all the self-study tests I did to actually memorize them. Even now I don’t feel very comfortable with them, but I feel as if in total across studying, self-study and reviews I went through 1000 items today at least.

What terrifies me though is that the only 150-review block that I went through today was the one where items went from Apprentice 4 to Guru 1, somewhere in the middle of January there’s going to be another 150-review block for items going from Guru 1 to Guru 2 and Guru 2 to Master as well. At this point in time I’ll probably have to set my alarm clock to 5am or something :neutral_face:

But it’ll all be over before long. There’s only two months until I’m out of items to study, that’s what I’m hopeful for :grin:
Level 45 is the last non-double level too, so this Sunday will be gentle compared to the previous few study sessions too.

The only reason I’m writing this thread is to complain, because I know I probably won’t slow down or stop studying, I just wanted to vent a bit. WaniKani by itself had completely changed the way I approach free time (by robbing me of it!) and I feel like the progress that I made this year has been insane. I plan on buying lifetime as soon as the sale goes live and maybe do some KaniWani in 2022 or something, as I feel it could be equally as beneficial (and equally as hard xd)

As a bonus note, today was my longest single-block review that I ever did so far. My brain physically hurt after this one:

And I still had to study another 130-something ones :upside_down_face:

The end is in sight though, I hope that this is my last rant before I actually reach the cake in two months from now :grin:


…no way am I going to double time the fast levels. Let alone add more srs. Good luck on the last stretch!


Aye same.

But awesome job @GolyBidoof for being able to keep up that pace. Can’t wait to see your cake post. :smiley:

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for me one thing that keeps me going is that i tell myself that i never gave myself the permission to not do the reviews in a given day, so it’s expected of me to follow through xd

regardless of if it’s 70 new words or 155 new ones
i just never allowed myself not to do them, so I just have to keep going xd

that being said, level 45 words might be my favorite set of words in a while, i knew a few kanji going into this one and there’s a character for Katamari and Damacy, so those few might be easier to remember than the other ones :blush:


I mean, I hardly ever go to bed with reviews undone, but I don’t need to do all the lessons, either. But I have about a 7.5 day pace now. 0/0 at least once per fortnight. My accuracy is pretty high, so I have less than 200 reviews most days, and I can handle those just fine.

But it is my second go round (made it up to 52 before I reset to 1). I’d never heard of Katamari Damacy before I reached those on here.


I think it’s great that so many WK users work so very, very hard - and all kudos and admiration to OP, and my best wishes. But I’d like to put a word in for we plodders as well. Maybe there’s a good reason to be racing like this, financial or to meet some goal outside hitting the 60 mark for the honour and glory, but maybe some of the racers could reassess and give themselves a chance to have a life that includes more than WK and work. There’s a lot of talk about life balance these days, and a lot to be said for learning Kanji at a rate that brings enjoyment rather than stress. Each to his own, and good luck to us all in achieving our goals, however fast and whatever they may be.


My favorites from the 40s are:

忍者 にんじゃ Ninja. Nuff said.
塊魂 かたまりだましい Always heard about the game. Cool to see it here.
闇 やみ Captain Yami from Black Clover. :sunglasses:
扉 とびら The Tobira book gets mentioned a lot around here.


I’m just impressed that you did more than 300 reviews in one session, and managed to get 93% accuracy. That’s just impressive.


I feel this post so hard!! I average 300ish reviews a day (today I did 500, which was my most in a single day ever) and really I’m just ready to be done with WK. All my remaining levels are fast levels so I should be done in late January, but still… I regularly go to bed at 4 or 5 am because I refuse to sleep with reviews in my queue, and I put off doing them (thus putting off sleep), meaning my sleep schedule’s in tatters!

One little thing that might help you: Do you have the WK app Tsurukame? On the app, there’s an option to prioritize radicals and kanji of your current level so you don’t have to power through 75 as fast as possible hoping that the important ones will pop up early (and inevitably they never will lmao). Because when you’re using WK on the computer you’d have to download a script to do this, and I think doing reviews in order of level is bad for SRS since it’s like a hint (like I know I learned this one recently, so that helps me out). So I do the kanji reviews of the current level on my phone as soon as they pop up, then go on my computer for the rest. Thought that might help you out.

But yeah, best wishes. Right now I’m taking a break from lessons while continuing to do reviews to try to get my apprentice count down, which should keep my review count more manageable (I hope) lol. 230 some apprentice items, so I’ll kick it back to a hundred or so before I get going on level 51! Good luck to you :raised_hands: :relaxed:

Wow, very impressed with your accuracy rate esp at this volume… Would you mind sharing your self study routine? Do you read every single example sentence in each lesson? And do you actually use the mnemonics that WaniKani provides or do you use some other methods to make them stick?

Good luck, it’s only a matter of time!


That’s still pretty impressive speed you go through the reviews.

Do you just enjoy suffering too much to spread the lessons out instead?

I went through the fast levels at the “fast-speed” (3 days, 12 hours), and the most reviews I had in a single day was 406. To keep myself sane I limited myself to like 30 reviews per hour in the fast levels, and I would let reviews roll over to the next day if it was looking like a lighter day than the current day.

So it’s possible to get through these levels quickly without crunching out hundreds of reviews in a single session, if you let yourself do it.

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No joke, sounds like straight up masochism to me :rofl:

OP if you study a little how WK work and with reorder script you can still go max speed, but spread out your lessons, about 30 every day, and make WK way more easier.

I had no idea it was even possible to reach level 45 at max speed with no reorder script and without completely burning out, it’s crazy…


The 50s are really hard. The kanji become more and more stuffed with a lot of radicals and their meaning often has nothing to do with the radicals. My average level-up time once was about 7-8 days, but now (even in the fast levels) I am glad if I manage a level in 9 days. My target is level 60 in February, but the number of leeches is increasing - I had a lot of failed burns today - and so is the number of daily reviews. However I am far from 651 reviews per day, currently approaching 300.


These nightmares are the thing I want to avoid. It’s why I do all my reviews before I go to bed, no exceptions for the last 147 days. It has taken me so long to find a tool I was willing to stick to and I need to baby it so I don’t break down and quit again.

I love that @GolyBidoof is sticking to the goal though! Keep it up, you are doing awesome!

I hope to join you at the summit of Level 60 by end of next year!

Mine, so far, is just:
蛍 ほたる Firefly! ^>^

There’s some useful vocab in the 40s for sure, like :honey_pot: and :honeybee: .

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If I see more than a hundred or so reviews on the forecast, I stop doing new lessons for a while. Why the rush.


蛍 was one I did easily ever since I saw the song by Mailo Fujita recommended on another thread. It’s been in my playlist for months. :wink:

Today was the most difficult day in my WaniKani history, and there’s still ways to go. 681 reviews in one day, I spent a few solid (six? seven?) hours doing reviews and practicing and doing more reviews and, yeah, worklife balance literally out of the window :upside_down_face:

I decided to take a week before holidays off from work to rest up and I’m using that time to do some crazy WaniKani crams :sweat_smile:

The good news is that it’ll be easier over Christmas Eve because what I didn’t realize when I wrote this OP was that there’s one more slow level - level 48, the one I’m at right now. There’ll be less lessons on Sunday and subsequently, both less lessons and reviews on Christmas Eve, so I won’t have to cram for hours on end that day :grin:

I feel like I went over my patience limit long enough and I feel to equal degree ecstatic about the progress and severely burnt out, I’m terrified of the review walls (had a 395 one this morning) but I’m just as strongly excited as soon as I’m done with them, it really feels like a drug xd

I subscribed to Lifetime despite initially wanting to do the course in less than $299 in total. I might kind of drop off the train of reviews once I’m level 60, but it’s good to think there’s this amazing community right here that’s basically part of the reason I am where I am

I think I might start a countdown thread around New Year’s Eve as that’ll mark exactly one month until I’m at the cake at this pace. The only worry that I have is that I know that my current lesson/review schedule is completely unsustainable and I’m so worn out each level up day recently. It definitely affected my eagerness to read games in Japanese, but once I’m done cramming I’ll finally have more time to start reading stuff that I enjoy, so I’m counting down to that day too xd

I hope it doesn’t end up affecting my productivity at work in January though :sweat_smile:
As for today, 44 days left. fourty. four. days. left.
January 31, 2021 is in sight already xd


Wish you the best of luck! You’re most of the way up that mountain!

I am only Lvl 19 and I have 7-10 day level ups. The pace has been fine but yesterday, with a “big” day of all of 120 or so reviews, I just… I didn’t FEEL like WaniKani-ing. I woke up dreading it actually. And this is, of course, a small review day. My biggest day coming up is all of 107 (assuming I don’t do lessons which, let’s face it, I will do).

I hate these days. It’s the day I was thinking I would skip a day. Would have been the first since I started 160 days ago. But I CAN’T skip a day. I know if I skip a day, it will become, well I skipped yesterday, why NOT today too!? I gotta stay on the train.

On the days I feel like this, I don’t do new lessons. Even if it means I will go beyond the 8 days I strive for, I will just let it go.

If I woke up to 700 reviews in one day, I think I would probably skip the day anyway and hope I come back.