In Anki, does changing decks reset the review schedule?

I couldn’t find the answer to this either in here, in the Anki manual, or via Google.

I’m working with some shared decks and trying to do some reorganizing. Does anyone know if using the “Change Deck” function preserves or resets the review schedule/timer? I want to make sure my reviews don’t reset if I move cards around.

Thank you!

I’m not 100% sure, and never used the change deck functionality, but every card inside a deck has its own timing. If you go to “browse”, and check a card inside a deck, you’ll see a “due” column marking when is the next review. I think this shouldn’t change if you move the card to another deck? But maybe I’m wrong.

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No, it keeps it’s queue schedule even if you change decks, note types, or update/sync the deck.

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Sweet! Thank you. I’ve been working my way through a hodgepodge of decks and decided to take however long I need today to consolidate, remove duplicates, etc. I’m using some of your decks (10k and Genki), actually! Next step is just to figure out how to apply your formatting to my other cards I want to bring into your system (mostly all the supplementary vocab from Genki, which isn’t included in your Genki deck), but I’m pretty sure I saw how to do that in one of your threads. I’ve just got to find it!

And by the way, props! These decks are great.

I recently updated the Template if you would like to give it a shot.

[Template Perfect Form - maybe]

Oooooh I’m going to take a look at this it might be exactly what I’m after! Thanks!

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