Anki Backlog and Deck Management Advice

Hi everyone,

Looking for some Anki advice if you please. I’ll try and keep it brief.

I have a large deck I’ve been compiling for several years now, about 5500 items. Last year I split the deck into an archive deck which I stopped reviewing and an active deck I continued to add things to and review mostly daily. This year with the quarantine my Anki review rhythm fell off as I am no longer commuting and I decided to dump even more time into WaniKani now that I’m nearing level 60. Time has passed and I’ve realized there’s a fair amount of content in that archive deck I’ve forgotten and wish to relearn so I decided to merge everything back into one.

Today I have about 3500 overdue items dating back a year and a half. What is the best way to “reset” this backlog or am I doomed to power through it all with long custom study sessions? Any advice? I’m finding that any new cards I add show up as the new card but after that it’s gone to the backlog never to be seen again thus rendering the whole SRS system pointless.

A few things I’m considering. Perhaps you can tell me if this is a terrible idea:

  1. Reset all those 3500 items to new, turn up the daily new items limit to like 50, reduce the reviews to 50 and just burn it down. This would allow the items that are due tomorrow to actually show up tomorrow. I be relegated to not adding anything new until I’ve burned down the backlog though.

  2. Create a giant custom study deck, button mash the answer “Hard” to everything and just deal with real review when the card shows up again months (or years) later.

  3. Is there someway to freeze the clock on Anki and burn down that way so that items due tomorrow and in the future don’t keep adding to the back log?

Any help is appreciated. I’ve googled this a bit but haven’t found anything super helpful.

Thank you WaniKani peoples!

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