Change the repetition time on Anki? (WK and beyond)

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So I have the great WaniKani Boogaloo deck on my Anki but have neglected it for too long. Going back to it now (probably about 3-6 months), the Easy Medium and Hard are showing options like ‘2.5m, 8m, 1.2y’… obviously that’s not helpful if I’ve already ignored it for six months!

Is there a way to ‘reset’ or change those repetition dates?

I’m also using it for Minna no Nihon vocab (as we’re using it in my language class), so hoping for the same thing for that, so I don’t run into it being years worth of repetition!

Thanks :slight_smile:

First of all, why do you think it is not helpful? If you still remember a vocab after 6 months, then it’s fine to do the next check after 6-8 months, no?
(TBH I’m just doing the same thing right now, just it’s already a full year since I last did my deck, but I’m really surprised how much I still know.)

If you don’t remember the vocab, then you’ll answer “wrong” anyways and that will give you a much shorter turnaround time (depending on your settings, especially the percentage in the deck’s Options -> Lapses -> New interval. The new time will be that percentage of the previous interval, so if you have a card that you did not see for 6 months, and you don’t know it any more, and this setting is at 10%, then it will come back after 18 days, I presume (10% of 6 months = 180 days).

But if you want to fully reset your vocab, then you can probably go to “Browse”, select your deck, select all cards in it, and select Cards -> Reschedule from the menu. I don’t think I used that one yet, but I believe it’s supposed to put the selected cards back into “new” status so that you can then learn them again.

Good luck with your deck!

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You can bulk reschedule cards

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