Anki crisis


I was messing with “length of steps” in the deck settings in anki because I’ve been getting some strange options for the response buttons. I was sometimes seeing the GOOD button as “7days” and the EASY button as “1day” which seemed totally wrong.

Just now I tried doing away with lapses altogether (removing everything from the “steps (in minutes)” field) and I got:

which I think I saw in a nightmare once.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to explain this well at all… is anyone an anki expert maybe could help me understand how the “lapsed” settings work? Did I totally screw up all the cards that are currently in “relearning” by messing with these settings?

 I have a bunch of cards on the last step of relearning (which I previously had set to 7 days), ready to go back into review with one more right answer, and now no matter what I do with the settings, now I can only get it to give me a one day or less interval on the GOOD button, and there is no EASY button at all.  

I have read this section of the manual 15 times and and it so poorly written, I just can’t seem to grasp the algorithm. 

Thanks in advance!


If no one here can help you, they seem to be pretty speedy about answering questions over at

Sorry I can’t help, definitely not an Anki expert; I’ve read the documentation several times and every time I have a “Ah, so that’s how it works!” moment Anki just does something completely different, haha. Keepin’ me on my toes. 


Honestly I would just reset your deck’s setting to the default.


thx Gorgophone for the forum link that will be super helpful. And I think I am going to reset to default and see what happens.