I'm streaming my comeback from 1.5k reviews weekday mornings! Join me!

Hello! I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this on here, so I thought I’d give this a go!

I’m streaming my attempt to get out of the 1.5k kanji review hole that I’ve dug @ Twitch! I’m trying to keep myself accountable by streaming my review sections each weekday morning before work at 5:30 PST/ 8:30 EST.

Life got in the way of my daily Japanese study, but I’m ready to re-establish that habit! I’ve been throwing on some lofi music and trying to block out around 2 hours for some dedicated vocab review time!

If any of you have dangling reviews that you want to study with me during that time, if you’ve ever been curious how other people use WK to study, or if you just want to look over my shoulder and feel better about your own study habits, feel free to join me! I’d appreciate the company!


Good luck , I’m slowly chipping away at my what was 890 reviews , currently half way.



i’ve been slowly chipping away at a 1600 review pile, down to 28 :smiley:

(i considered finishing the pile today, but i’d already done 150 reviews in that session, and my accuracy was tanking. won’t hurt to leave those last 28 burns for tomorrow :wink: )


keep it up! i have 250 more to go

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I’m now down to ~300! I’m slowly trying to make sure that I go down at least 100 reviews per day, which seems to be working and prevents me from having a large amount of reviews the next day.

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