My 旅路 to Zero Reviews (DONE)

Okay, so I’ve been procrastinating my WK reviews for such a long time now and thought if I put the spotlight on my issues I might be able to get back on track and maybe never get off it ever again.

I was level 37 in spring and thought I’d easily reach level 60 before the year ends. Now I’m at the half-way mark once again… I hadn’t done my reviews for a while and therefore forgot a lot of stuff and ended up resetting. I’ve barely done any reviews since then and now I’m sitting at this clusterduck.

1010 reviews and almost 60% of those are burn reviews, yay me. I already know this isn’t gonna go well but I have to power through it. I will do at least 100 reviews every day starting now.

Also, I’m studying on the side as well, so just because I haven’t done my WK in some time doesn’t mean I didn’t study Japanese in all these months. I have everything in Japanese, from Windows to Android. I play all my games in Japanese if supported and put every unknown word into HouHou, which nets me 10+ new words on some days. I also make sure to NOT study any words that are taught on WaniKani, hence why it’s so important to reach level 60.

tl:dr I didn’t to diddly squat so now I have 1010 reviews and I’m gonna do at least 100 every day and post the results here.

Anyways, let’s go.

Daily Updates:

  • 2020/09/10: From 1010 to 0910 Reviews (+000 -100)
  • 2020/09/11: From 0915 to 0815 Reviews (+005 -100)
  • 2020/09/12: From 0859 to 0758 Reviews (+056 -101)
  • 2020/09/13: From 0806 to 0696 Reviews (+048 -110)
  • 2020/09/14: From 0701 to 0566 Reviews (+005 -135)
  • 2020/09/15: From 0603 to 0499 Reviews (+037 -104)
  • 2020/09/16: From 0531 to 0377 Reviews (+032 -154)
  • 2020/09/17: From 0398 to 0237 Reviews (+021 -161)
  • 2020/09/18: From 0307 to 0180 Reviews (+070 -127)
  • 2020/09/19: From 0227 to 0070 Reviews (+047 -157)
  • 2020/09/20: From 0127 to 0000 Reviews (+057 -127)



Can’t believe we’re already getting the sequel to this thread.

Joking aside, good luck!


That thread is actually what made me do this one. :blush:

Edit: The results are in and just like I thought, it’s a bit messy. Though my answers where usually pretty close. Now onto BISHBASHBOSH to cram all the wrong answers!


That’s a great session with a backlog! Most of mine have been in the 50-59% range… You can do it! :partying_face:


Good luck! I got myself stuck in a pile of reviews a few months ago and I thought I’d never see 0/0 again, but it’s definitely possible! (Though my accuracy took quite a hit. ToT)

My favorite part was watching this little guy slowly climbing the mountain…
Wanikani 0 Reviews
(I wish I would’ve taken a screenshot when I still had thousands of reviews, but I honestly thought I was imagining the movement at first.)


If you search for it, you’ll find all the pics, but here’s mine right now:


Ahh, that gives me flashbacks. I swear I’ll never miss a day (or month) of reviews again. 頑張って!

Leave it to Wanikani-ers to have a forum topic for everything. Thanks for the link. ^^


Of course! Wouldn’t you expect that in a forum with so many POLL threads? Discourse’s search button actually works okay enough that you can check pretty quickly… :stuck_out_tongue:



download (5)


From 915 to 815. It doesn’t show all 100 reviews because I accidentally closed the tab mid session.


What’s the userscript for a dark theme?

That is Breeze Dark

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But we need it in userscript form, that’s a user-style!

You can install styles as scripts

So, I did find the GM_addStyle function, but how would do you do that and keep the @var and @advanced part working in the Breeze Dark script?

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I honestly have no idea how those work. I never used them myself

From 859 to 758 Reviews (+56 - 101).

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がんばって!You can do this!

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Day 4.

Day 5. I’m changing my approach to doing reviews now, if I can remember the answer in a matter of a few seconds then I’ll purposely fail the answer. If I need minutes to remember a word then IMO I don’t know it well enough.

The result still sucks though.

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