New level 2 and buried in lessons… Help!

Hello everyone,

It took a while, but I finally passed level I.However, I didn’t finish all the vocabulary. All of a sudden I have 63 new lessons in a variety of categories. And his suggestions on how I would tackle this? I feel like learning level II radicals before finishing level I vocabulary is kind of backward. Thank you!


I always just finish the previous level vocab and at least get all the new radicals done in lessons. So that I can continue making forward progress. Then space out doing the new kanji in small chunks.


You should get used to it :sweat_smile:, every new level will smash you with a considerable amount of lessons.

It really depends on how much time you are dedicating to WK, and what speed are you planning to go.

Strictly speaking, by default, WK won’t let you progress without doing previous level’s vocab. So no problem there. If you’re already using re-ordering scripts, that’s a whole different deal, but it’s all a matter of figuring out how many daily lessons are you comfortable with. I do around 30 lessons a day and still manage to go full speed without any backlog from previous levels.


Yes, after browsing someone who went through level 60 I did install a bunch of scripts, including a reorder script. However I’m not exactly sure how it works. I guess that’s my fault and why I have vocabulary from level 1. I would love to get the vocabulary out of the way first, just not sure how to proceed.

As @carlostdev says, do as many lessons that you feel comfortable with. It is easy to go full speed in the beginning, but it might end with reviews stacking up. And after about two months things come back again to get burned,
I started out making a lots of lessons as soon as they showed up, but for various reasons I have limited my lessons a lot. Some days I don’t do any. But I feel that other things in my life need more attention and time, and have higher priority.
The important thing is that you learn.
Hope you find your pace.

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You level up when you have made 90% of your kanji from a specific level go guru. And with the last kanji you unlock new vocabulary.

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Just disable the reorder script. The default WaniKani settings will always have you learn the previous level’s vocab before moving on to the next level’s radicals.


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