I'm looking for a word that I've heard in One Piece

In the 77th episode of One Piece at the 2:20 minute mark, one of the characters (Sanji) uses a word that I simply can’t find anywhere. Maybe I’m just misspelling it or maybe it’s some kind of slang but I’d really like to look it up in a dictionary and add it to my HouHou library.

The word sounds like まいたせ and the subtitles translate it as “Damn”.

I’ve tried different spellings like maybe まいたぜ or まいたせい and I also tried to search for “damn” but couldn’t find the word I’m looking for.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to link to streaming sites, so I can’t post the episode on here.

It`s probably まったせ!

looking up まいった gives me ‘I’m beaten’ or ‘I’ve given up’. And I’m assuming that the ぜ/せ might be some slangish ending. I’m guessing this is probably it


まったせ was also one of the candidates I tried but according to Jisho it doesn’t mean “damn”.
Then again it might also be a translation mistake with the anime itself.

Where are you watching the ep?

just watched here, he says しまったぜ

I was just guessing lol now I watched it and he actually says しまったぜ

I’ve uploaded the short part to YouTube, are you sure it’s しまったぜ? I don’t hear the し in the beginning at all, though it might be an accent or something.

@jprspereira KissAnime.

It’s deff しまったぜ man, I can clearly hear the shi lol

It might be the Kansai variation (しまうた)tho, but I’m positive it’s this word.

Well my listening comprehension is still in its infancy so I could of course be wrong but for me it sounds like “ts maitase”.

Just to be sure, we’re both talking about the part 14 seconds into the video, right?

Where are you hearing し to start the word? That’s just a tongue click sound. I’m definitely hearing まいったぜ like @Pitkin said.


just after the tong click. this word’s accent is like shiMATTA so you can’t expect to hear it so clearly.

Yeah man, just after the click. I’m pretty positive it’s しまった

Meh, I still hear まいったぜ .


What, it’s まいったぜ without a doubt. Are you not hearing the い?


@Kumirei I’m with you on that. I hear it clearly.


I hear まあ、いったぜ but I have no idea what the いった is supposed to be. The まあ is definitely a long one. I feel like the entire まあ、いったぜ means ‘well, whatever’, but I might be wrong.

I hear まいったぜ

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It is 100% a tongue click followed by まいったぜ.

No, it isn’t a long “ま”, no, there is no “し”. ぜ is a very masculine form of よ.

From my understanding the meaning is akin to “I fucked up.”, or as the subtitlers wrote, “Damn.”

You can hear a native pronounce “まいった” here: https://forvo.com/word/まいった/#ja