Need help with blurry kanji (one piece related)

someone on Twitter is looking for this particular volume. I can’t really tell what the kanji are saying, so I thought I’d ask here.


I’m pretty sure the first kanji is 最. That’s all I can see.


I think it’s ワンピース最強考察, just searched for ワンピースの漫画 :slight_smile:


omg yeah that seems to be it thank you so much :pray:t5:

btw how would you translate 最強考察[カイ]?

I translated it as “strongest investigation, study Kai”


I’m not sure but it could be ‘deepest investigation’ or something like that. 最強 can be used to express things like ‘the most powerful _’, ‘the best(in terms of the results) _’ or something. Anyway, im not really sure and read the manga surely would be helpul to figure out the meaning

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If you have a look at the front cover (e.g. on Amazon), it gives the title as “One Piece Monograph X”, which might be a good candidate. The reading of かい for “X” is a hangover from the Greek letter chi - see the “other forms” of this JEDict entry.

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