Help with a word(?)

Anyone have an idea of what カイメツ could possibly mean? Maybe I’m blind or it’s a spelling error or something, but here’s the full sentence.


I’m trying to play through gyakuten kenji (and I’m really slow), here’s a screenshot of the scene below:

I hope I’m not being stupid. Any ideas?

I tried looking for かいめつ on jisho and found

壊滅 - destruction; annihilation (suru-verb)

If that’s what it is, it’s probably in Katakana because the Kanji are very complex and it might be hard to read in the games font.


Wow, it never occurred to me that might be the case. If that’s so, then that’s likely to be the case. Thanks, next time something like this happens I’ll know something else to try. I feel so stupid for not thinking of that :frowning:

It’s a level 43 word.

for those who aren’t Level 43 yet

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You don’t have to be level 43 to see it. You just need to be subscribed.

@Leebo you passed me by two levels, congratulations (damn it)

Thanks. It’s almost time to put the pedal to the metal with the short levels. I really want to maintain the minimum level up time if I can.

i will now level up by one, check it out

BAM! i feel like I’m flexing my muscles :muscle:
yeah we’re reaching the last curve, and it’s time to go all in

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Yeah, they tend to do that in games and such. If it’s not because the kanji is too complicated to display properly (which doesn’t look to be the case given the other kanji on the screen), then I believe the effect is to make the word stand out. I guess it’s their way of bolding words? They do this by substituting English words in when Japanese would be perfectly fine as well.

Also, as someone who has also tackled Gyakuten Kenji’s first half of the first case… good luck. It’s tough. It took me four hours to reach anything playable (though this was before I started WK).

Right, I had forgotten about that. Katakana is also used to emphasise words, similar to italics in English.

Dayum. Respect, makes me want to keep trying.

I hope your reading skills are up to par, because the Logic Chess sections will drive you insane otherwise. They’re timed sections, and each option is pretty similarly worded from what I remember. That being said, I managed to get through the first Logic Chess with relatively little difficulty, but it amps up in future cases.

Have you played the fan translation patch version?

That moment when you are on level 44 and didn’t recognise a level 43 word…


No, though that would probably be wise. I’ll definitely check that one out too, as it will definitely prove to be useful for checking what the sentences mean. Will do this eventually.

Yeah, it’ll give you a good idea what to expect, though it’d be fun trying to tackle the game without that. The fan localized names aren’t too bad either. Either way, you’ll definitely understand the story much better if you play the fan translation, assuming your kanji comprehension isn’t above your WK level.

OMG!! Thank you for this website, I’ve been looking for something like it for such a long time!

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