Can you recognise this word?

So I’ve got this audio sample here and I’m sharing it with you because I can’t understand what the first sentence is.
It’s a 3 seconds long audio sample from a fighting scene in anime and the transcript says:
—A: “Feeling better yet?”
—B: "Not’
I can clearly hear the まだ from B but what does A say? あさまった?
If anyone with better ears than mine could help me, please.

Sounds a bit like an ‘o’ to me, 治まった, perhaps?

Jisho gives the following definitions:

  1. to die down (storm, anger, conflict, etc.); to calm down; to cool off; to abate; to be settled; to be brought under control​
  2. to be at peace; to be governed well​
  3. to subside (of pain, symptoms, etc.); to be alleviated; to get better; to ease off​

The third one might apply here?


Oh yes! I can hear the ‘o’ too.
And it fits perfectly with the context.
Many thanks to you!


Ah, 治まった’s existence means that 治 also has おさ as a kun’yomi reading. (WaniKani doesn’t teach this one.)

I don’t know what the kanji would be, but what I hear is either お, ほ, or ほう, and the final bit sounds like さなくった. Does nobody else think this? Is there any other words that would fit with the context that sound like that? Edit: Nevermind, the more I listen the more it sounds like まった to me now.

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Aaah the joy of hearing new words…
In every language, even my native one, I mess up hearing it right the first time about 50% of the time.

I guess you must know the word first before being able to distinguish it in a sentence.

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I think this is true. As soon as I learn a new word through some app or website it’s like I hear it everywhere, in my podcasts especially. But before that, it’s like my brain glosses straight over it.

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