Need help with the latest my hero academia episode

so I watched a clip of the latest mha episode and was wondering what Camie (the girl in black) is saying at 00:39. I had a general idea I didn’t get everything.

sorry for the bad quality btw. I’ll probably upload a better clip once I get file of he latest episode



sad trumpet sounds


now it should work hahah

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This is what it sounded like to me at least… :upside_down_face: :turtle:

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: :turtle:


I haven’t checked the clip, but マジ絶望 would make more sense I think :thinking:


thank you. that sounds like she said that.

I checked for the translation of 渇望 and the meaning was “thirsting, longing ect” but it’s weird to me that they translated it as “le sigh”. I would say something like “I need that” or “I want that too”

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Your post confused me enough to make me check in the end, but I got it when I saw “le sigh”. You’ve been victim to autocorrect, I guess. I do not know who is translating, but they probably just wanted to use an old meme :woman_shrugging:


Was it 絶望 or 渇望? I was confused by 渇望, but it sounded like a ka sound to my ear so I just trusted that. 絶望 would definitely make more sense.

It really sounds like 渇望 :woman_shrugging:
I’m as uncertain as you.

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