I'm currently functionally one handed at the moment, conducting reviews are a slog. Any suggestions?

Hey there, so one of my hands is currently out of commission (gout can eat a cactus) so I haven’t been able to do my nightly homework very effectively.

My reviews are piling up and it’s starting to bother me. Typing with one hand just really sucks; what can I do in the meantime?

And do you have any recommendations for ways to help prevent my knowledge from getting dull?


Install an anki script or use an app with anki functionality.

All you’ll need to do is press correct or incorrect for each item

Obviously it requires some self discipline but I think even with some leniency you afford yourself, any things you don’t fully learn will be better than stopping all together


I second the anki script, also you could use a smartphone app and use phone input that (naturally) works well one-handed.


You could try using a voice recognition userscript to do reviews by speaking instead of typing. It does not work for all items, but it certainly helps reduce the amount of typing required. You might even be able to combine it with an anki mode script as a backup, as long as that script does not remove the text input.


@TrinityBringer weren’t you using a script to do reviews on trust and just say them out loud?


Oh yeah, it was the 3rd-party app Juken!
Reaaal risky, not something I’d recommend unless you have a lot of self-discipline – and probably not something I’d do again, PFTT. :joy:

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someone made a lip surfer app for this. not free though.

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Is using a phone app an option? Personally, I find those easier to use one-handed.
(Plus, many WaniKani phone apps allow you to mark your answers as correct, so you can be forgiving of your own typos.)

You could perhaps use it as an opporrtunity to learn a Japanese flick keyboard on your phone, so that you come out of this with a new skill.

Hope your hand gets better soon!


I use Tsurukame on my iPhone sometimes. For English reviews I use either the swipe keyboard or voice recognition, and for Japanese I just type it with one hand. My phone is large, so I use the one handed keyboard that moves all the keys to one side. I’ll sometimes do this on walks with my dog when I don’t have much time to review at my computer and still need to hold her leash.


When I was traveling more and using my iPhone pretty much exclusively one-handed (with the other holding on for dear life in trains and buses), I entered the answers into Tsurukame using the kana keyboard. If you have any interest in learning that input method, this might be a crisitunity. Either way, get well soon! <3

as a keyboard guy on my 4th keyboard layout, probably soon 5th keyboard layout. I would personally learn a onehanded keyboard layout. In fact i see a websetup to easily learn one handed layouts. allready exists. One Handed Dvorak Layouts Typing Exercises (loboru.github.io)

there are way easier options out there, but i think this is a fun one. Personally use about 1 hour to completly memorize a keyboard, then 1 week with 1 hour daily typing tests on pages like monkeytype to reach just about 50wpm. never tried with one handers though, but 50wpm is the needed speed to seem fluent in chats and the like :slight_smile:

Your phone might have a keyboard that works well with one hand.
iPhone for example, has a way to squish the keyboard (see image) so you can easily type only with one hand.