What can I do to keep my focus up during lessons/reviews?

Hi guys,

Since I’m very slow at typing, and also my memory seems rather bad lately, I wonder if you can recommend anything (like e.g. scripts) to keep my focus/motivation up and to prevent me from quitting early. For example, I have been using the “AI Mnemonic images” userscript, since it not only gives me something to look at (only during lessons or if I scroll down during reviews unfortunately), but it also allows me to use my visual memory (which occasionally works better than just remembering the mnemonics actually) and it makes the process slightly more entertaining overall.
Is there anything else I might have missed or do you have any further advice on the matter?
(Feel free to post links too.)



Can you do more frequent but less volume review sessions?

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At the moment, I can do that, I guess. I have already lowered amount of reviews I do at a time, and I can try and come back more often too…

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I find doing reviews on my phone is more convenient but then I have much more typos and less comfort, so it is nice to do on a laptop.
And agree: big numbers of reviews at one time are a bit frustrating so smaller more frequent batches, or taking a break, is better.

What about switching to Anki or using the Anki mode script for WaniKani? That way you don’t have to type at all.