I need help coming back

I was doing Wanikani at a decent pace about 4 months ago however I needed to stop as I developed RSI in my right index finger. Recently I decided it’s been too long and I’d better come back as to not forget too much. The plan was to just do reviews and get my apprentice items down to a reasonable level for my new pace as I can only use one hand and need to take lots of breaks, but the reviews just keep piling up with stuff I forgot and 80 apprentice items turned into 112 and is only going up from there. What am I supposed to do? I can barely push 50 reviews throughout the day but I’m starting to get 90+ a day.


Just keep doing reviews until they go away? As long as you don’t do lessons the reviews will eventually calm down.

You can also reset back a few levels if the numbers are looking too bad, but it will set you back.


Just do however many reviews you can handle, lay off lessons, and you’ll get to a place you can handle. Reviews naturally decrease over time (after the initial back-from-a-break spike) so things will work out soon. :slight_smile:


Could you use a speech-to-text program?

Do those come in bilingual varieties?

The Google one lets you choose your language and there’s like 200 of them. I don’t think you can set it to detect two languages at once though. It also only works on Chrome.

If the pain gets too bad, maybe a script that removes the typing aspect would let you keep reviewing! I haven’t used this, but have seen a few people mentioning it around here: [Userscript] WK Anki Mode

It does look like some people have had issues with it not working recently though…

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I’m doing reviews on my phone right now and wondered - have you tried doing reviews on a mobile app? Typing reviews with your thumbs might be less painful than on a computer keyboard (not engaging the injured finger and different ergonomics) - although it depends on your particular case obviously…

I do reviews on mobile sometimes. Use flamin durtles but had to customize lessons/reviews to suit my style and now I sometimes use it when afk.

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