I'm back... to level 1

Hi guys,
So… after reaching level 22 and life taking over, I dropped the studies and gathered too much reviews, so after some months, I decided to drop to level 1 again…

Anyhow, Just wanted to stick it here and say “Everything is possible if you put your heart in it” and even while looking at the grim 20 more levels I need to scratch my way through, I still think it was the wise choice.

What do you think?


Well, at the end of the day this isn’t about how many levels you complete it’s about your understanding of Kanji and increasing your ability to understand the language. I have to say, it was a bold choice but, if it’s right for you… though I think I’d cry if I was set back to level one, considering how hard I’ve been working at it.

I really can’t understand why WaniKani doesn’t give the option of ‘reliving’ a level. Why do we have to do it all over again?


Welcome back!

Same I’m back too xD Tho I only dropped to lvl 3 cuz there wasn’t much need to drop alllll the way back and end up having to sit around waiting for ages ahahah starting to pick up now that I’m about to finish lvl 4 it’s definitely help consolidate a bunch of stuff tho and the funny new radicals and mnemonics are interesting ahahha

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I think that as long as you keep going, you’ll get there in the end.
I myself have done two resets to level 1 (one at level 37 and one at level 20) :sweat_smile:
The important thing is to keep studying. And to try not to let the reviews pile up too much. But if they do - you either tackle them or do a reset. Everything is better than just sitting there and contemplating the pile :sweat_smile:

Anyway, best of luck with your studies!


Yeah my first reset was to lvl 1. But I’m glad you can choose what lvl you reset too
now so you don’t have to go alllll the way back to the start :laughing:

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I could give my honest answer, but it wouldn’t make any difference as (a) what’s done is done and (b) my take on it may not be the same as yours.

Either way, good luck with climbing back up the mountain!

I once did a big reset of around 20 levels, too. It’s taken me a lot longer to finish WaniKani than I first expected, but I’m here now and have no regrets about my journey. So I wish you well, and hope to see you with cake at level 60! :cake:


Hi, welcome to the club! I also did a reset two days ago. I was at level 24 but had stopped doing reviews for a couple of months and gathered 1300+ reviews :sweat_smile:

I think resetting was the right thing to do as I’ve realized after doing some reviews that I had forgotten quite a lot of vocabulary and kanji. However, I definitely should not have reset to level 1. The first levels ask us to wait for many hours/days even though it’s pointless as we haven’t learnt anything yet. I think a wiser choice would have been to reset to somewhere around level 5.


Love the comment :slight_smile:

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You can like it too, you know :wink:


Ow forgot about that

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It will be much easier for you to level up now, I remember when I did the reset to level 3 and returned where I was (lvl19) really quick. Now you can go at max speed and you will not even feel it! That was at least more enjoyable than doing more than a thousand reviews :sweat_smile:


I just did it a few days ago. From 60 to 1…

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